What to do with the little ‘leftover’ pieces of soap (& other solids)

When it comes to our solid soaps, shampoos & conditioners, here’s how to get the most out of every last piece.

Nature's Aid Bar Soap

In theory, it should be much easier to use up all of a product when it is solid. Unlike with liquids, there’s no product left tucked in at the bottom, just out of reach of the pump or sticking to the sides. You don’t have to leave it turned upside down and whack it against an object trying to free those last few drops.

BUT in reality, once those bars become tiny little pieces of soap, they can become more difficult to use, tempting you to just toss them away.

Instead of getting rid of those little pieces of soap, try one of these clever hacks.

Soap Bags: Place the end of your soap or solid shampoo / conditioner bar into a soap bag, run under water and watch the lather form. These bags make it so much easier to hold onto and use these end pieces. Plus, they’ll gently exfoliate as you cleanse.

Be sure to let them air out between uses. Ideally, you’d want to hang the soap bag outside of the bathroom area to dry since that room is likely to be hot and humid for a while after the shower. And remember, the drier the bars are between uses, the longer they’ll last.

TIP: use different colour soap bags to tell your products apart i.e. white for soap, green for shampoo, yellow for conditioner. If that’s not possible, sew a small label or marker onto the bags in order to tell which is which.

Travel Containers: Save the little pieces of soap for travel and the gym. Find a container with a few dividers (something like a pill organizer can actually work great for this) and place the ends of your solids in there. Voila, no need to pack and carry full-sized product or revert to plastic travel bottles.

Squish & Combine: This is exactly as it sounds. Take the end of your old bar, wet it in the shower and squish it into a new, wet bar (of the same variety). As you use the new bar, the small piece will mold into it. Alternatively, save up until you have a bunch of little pieces of soap (of the same variety), wet and squish them all together to create a ‘soap ball’.

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