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Whether your new to our skin gel or have been a long time user, you may be wondering what others are saying about it (and what they use it for). Below are some of the reviews and testimonials we’ve received. We’d love to hear from you too! Share your story with us by emailing customerservice @

Nature Beauty

I love this product. It is all natural and feels so clean and light all over my body. It’s helped with acne scars, skin redness…you name it it can heal anything! Highly recommend to anyone with sensitive skin.

A success story shared with us, October 2021

Amazing for Insect Bites

This is the best thing I’ve found for mosquito bites – one application took away the itch!! It also worked well on my son’s wasp sting. ~Nancy
A success story shared with us, July 2021

Excellent Skin Gel

I have been using Nature’s Aid skin gel for years. Absolutely love it. It is not greasy, it feels refreshing and cool on the skin. I use it on my face, neck, hands and arms everyday. My kids use it as well. I love that there are no chemicals in it. I have also used the same gel on my dog for minor skin irritations. I have been telling friends and families about this product for years. By the way when I first started using it, I had a dark freckle on my nose, it was completely gone after using this product within a month. Its a must have in my house! ~ Becky

A Success Story shared with us, June 2021

Great For So Many Things

I use this on dry skin (hands, feet, lower legs, face), on burns, sunburns, bug bites. Absolutely love this. My son uses it on his face after cleansing for acne. Its also my go to remedy to take with me for camping and the outdoors. Has disinfecting and healing properties. Truly, great product and happy to recommend this to others😊 ~ Annette

A Success Story shared with us, May 2021

Could Not Live Without It

I seriously use this product for everything! I have been using it for years now for everything from a toner, to a no-wash cleanser, it even solves any pimples overnight/in a few hours. If you are a pimple popper like I am it is also great to put on after you pop them as it brings out all the leftover dirt/oil/etc and the pimple goes right away! I have never felt my face/body be cleaner than it feels with this product. Also has such an added bonus of being natural! The bio has it right that the longer you use it the more uses you will find, I swear this product can do anything. ~ Taylor W.

A Success Story shared with us, April 2021

Tattoo Healing

I first heard about Nature’s Aid through a family member. She used the Skin Gel to help heal and recede her surgery scars. Not only did it work wonders but she also informed me of its use as a toner, and for the fair sensitive skin I have it works so well as such.

My usage increased further as I was diagnosed with a multitude of environmental, food, and animal allergies. The Skin Gel works so well on any skin irritations or visible allergic reactions like rashes and hives.

As a tattoo artist, the transition from personal to professional use was rather fluid. A small percentage of clients had contacted me regarding allergic reactions to the second skin adhesive bandage applied to the tattoo to heal, protect, and keep the piece clean during aftercare. However, a few clients started developing rashes around the acrylic-based adhesive, myself included.

My recommendation was the Nature’s Aid Skin Gel, both to combat the reactions and to heal their tattoos. I informed them that I had switched from using organic coconut oil to Nature’s Aid exclusively, with fantastic results. Feedback from these clients regarding their receding reactions, and the promotion of healing were both positive and frequent!

A little goes a long way with this gel, and combined with all natural ingredients that actively fight against the noted issues of tattoo healing – Witch Hazel for swelling, Tea Tree to disinfect, Aloe to cool and soothe – you have the perfect tattoo aftercare product for anyone. ~ Melissa

A success story shared with us, March 2021

Beauty Care

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my recent purchase of Nature’s Aid. While I have used this gel in the past for so many purposes I have never used it as a beauty care product. I sure was missing out! I use it at least twice a day on my face, neck and decollete. My decollete area is always red and I am embarrassed to say people have commented on this MANY times over the years. Even my husband has commented it is not really red anymore. My pores on my face are much less visible and my skin looks much more even toned. I also have had weird cyst like lumps that form behind my earlobes and with applying Natures Aid for a week, they are gone completely. Like I said, I have reached for this product for years, but always for first aid uses, and it always works well for us, but now I can stop spending a fortune on so many beauty products too. Gamechanger! ~ Darlene

A Success Story shared on, January 2021

Severe Eczema

I have been treated by my derm doc for about 2 years for severe eczema. Tried all his lotions and potions but it always came back. My niece gave me a small bottle of her Nature’s Aid  gel, the green bottle. I started to use it all over my body a few times daily and it comforted the itch right away. The hot spots that I needed to scratch still appeared all the time but I had my gel, and boy did I use it. Everyday and everywhere. The areas where I felt like I could scratch my skin off became a lot less active.

I want to thank you for making a product to help with a condition I thought would never settle down and let me have some peace and time with no scratching and making a mess of my skin. I will continue to use it everyday, no matter what, as it has given me my life back when all the other products failed. ~ Judy

A Success Story shared on, December 2020

Been Using This for Years

I discovered Nature’s Aid Skin Gel many years ago during a trip from the West Coast to Ottawa in the middle of winter. The air in the hotel was incredibly dry and I knew I was in trouble with my normally sensitive dry skin. The Nature’s Aid Skin Gel I found in a local health food store was amazing and I have continued to use it every day particularly for my face. Dealing with the Nature’s Aid staff on more than one occasion over the years, I have found them to be very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Many of my family now use and swear by the Nature’s Aid products. Well done!!! ~ RP

A Success Story shared with us, December 2020

Used on My Eczema

I used nature’s aid Gel on my eczema on the back of my leg. I only applied it 3 times, since this my eczema has never returned in any area of my body. This was the fist time I was introduced to this product. Since I suffered with eczema for years. None of the products I had ever used had ever worked to relieve me of this blistering itching. When people ask me what is so special, I explained how I was introduced to this product. So thank you so very much. For this Awesome product..💕 ~ Clorese

A Success Story shared with us, November 2020

Best Aftershave

I have sensitive skin and I have always had problems with alcohol-based post-shave products as they irritate my skin even more. I switched to aftershave balms and more natural products, which often contain witch hazel, aloe vera, Vitamin E, or Tea tree. I was wondering if there is a single product combining all of them and that is how I discovered The Nature’s Aid Skin Gel. This is a fantastic aftershave product that helps to soothe and heal my skin, better than anything I have used. I highly recommend it! ~ George G.

A Success Story shared with us, November 2020


I’ve used your green bottle skin gel for about four years.  It’s pretty much the best thing to happen to my skin. Head to toe I use it; tattoo healing it’s been a blessing, psoriasis has been grateful, and my face skin tone… I continue to be told I’m younger than I am. It’s a wonderful, wonderful product you have! ~ Jennifer

A Success Story shared on, September 2020

Used on Shingles

I had shingles on my scalp and face and the itch was so intense I was up crying all night. Nothing soothed it.
My neighbour brought this skin gel to me and it was a god send. I finally slept and the itch slowly decreased to an itch I could handle. It does burn a bit but I expected that with some of the sores. I love this product! ~ Becky

A Success Story shared on, September 2020


I use this everyday! It healed bites I had from black flies, It healed my sunburn so much faster and I did not peel. I used it to soothe a friends foot from gout. I am so pleased with the outcome of things I use this product for. Everyone should have a bottle of it on hand! 🙂 ~ Krissy

A Success Story shared with us, August 2020

Skin Care

Adding Nature’s Aid Skin Gel to my routine has changed my skin for the best. ~ Nikki

A Success Story shared on, June 2020


I struggle with rosacea and this product changed my skin forever. ~ Nicole

A Success Story shared on, May 2020

This Product is Gold

Hello! I want to assure you that I know skin products being an esthetician for over forty years. Yes, I’m sixty five and have been using the gel for over ten years. I’ve seen results on everything from thinning hair to general acne. It works. Maybe there are no gold flakes in the product but it’s gold as a product! Thank you Thank you. ~ Gisele

A Success Story shared on, May 2020

Amazing All-In-One

I’ve used this gel as a primer before I apply makeup. I would get very oily, red, and inflamed skin on my face as a result of ph skin imbalances and genetics. After using this, my skin cools down, and my skin absorbs this gel really well
It isn’t sticky at all and feels refreshing! I’m a big fan! ~ Tamra N.

A Success Story shared with us, December 2019

Sun Damage Repair

Being in my late 70s I have many little rough patches on my head, often red in appearance. I have used a number of creams to try and contain the increasing number of these patches to no avail. My wife persuaded me to try your product and voila they are slowly beginning to disappear. As a side benefit the lotion seems to work against mosquito bites as well. Now a word of appeal, I know every business over time tries to improve their product by adding something new or simply changing the formula…my advice, DONT! ~ Jorg S.

A Success Story shared with us, August 2019

Eczema Relief

I discovered your products very recently and wanted to share my history and experience (brief as it has been so far) using your products:

I have suffered with eczema on my hands almost constantly for the last 7-ish years. As with most eczema sufferers, I tried everything (including everything that was ‘suggested’). The ‘best’ solution I had come to was a 3 cream approach 1) anti itch cream/steroid cream 2) antibiotic cream to heal broken/cut skin 3) moisturizer.

If you haven’t had to deal with this kind of situation, it is incredibly frustrating because you rarely deal with one symptom at a time but you can only treat one at a time. Meaning, if my hands were itchy but also cut I had to opt for one treatment over the other. This meant I used an anti itch cream but my fingers remained sore and cracked, or I treated the cuts but the itch persisted…or in the case of the moisturizer and broken skin it can sting and be awfully painful. And so the treatment goes throughout the day, cream 1-cream-2 cream 3-repeat in whatever order. And this isn’t even really that effective, all it really does is keep things at bay at best, at worst it’s a futile and expensive exercise in going nowhere fast.

So when I came across the Nature’s Aid Aloe at my local spa and I was told it works wonders (because I haven’t heard that a million times before lol!) I had a read of the ingredient list and uses for the cream and because of it’s healing properties, itch aid and aloe I decided I’d give it a go since it may help to combat more then 1 of my symptoms at a time.

Well… I bought the small 35ml bottle and went through it in a couple of days and it worked incredibly well! It didn’t sting even if my hands were cracked or cut, it helped to heal the damaged skin (which also can be very itchy) and it reduced the intensity of the itching in my hands! I was sold! I took a look online and found the moisturizing lotion so that’s the one I purchased next and it is even better for my hands! I carry a small 35ml bottle with me everywhere and I use it regularly throughout the day. I’ve started to use it as an all over moisturizer because I have sensitive skin and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I still have a ways to go with my hands because so many things irritate them throughout the day but I at least have something that doesn’t hurt (which means I use it a lot more then if it did sting) and that works! I will recommend this to anyone and everyone as a tried and true solution that only an eczema sufferer can offer lol!!

From the bottom of my heart (and the tips of my fingers), thank you…you have a lifer here

Keep doing what you’re doing! ~ Carrie

A Success Story shared on, April 2019

Cleared up a Rash

Hi there!  I just had to share how impressed I am with your “all natural skin gel.”
My son who suffers from many skin conditions had a rash that just wouldn’t go away so after being told to try your products I decided to give it a shot! Well sure enough after a couple applications there was a huge difference. I wish I would have taken pictures of before/after because it truly was a relief to see a improvement 🙂 ~ Sarah

A Success Story shared on, September 2019

Helped with Sunburns & Bug Bites

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product- I am living abroad in Uganda for about 8 months now (from Canada), and have relied so often on the skin gel and lip balm while I’ve been here. From bug bites, environmental skin irritations to sun burns, both products have been such a comfort to have with me. I have shared with my colleagues as well when they are in need, after raving about how great they are :P.
I only wish I had brought my large bottle with me- the medium is almost out!

Thank you again. ~ JH

A Success Story shared on, 04 2018

Relief from Mites

Amazing product. An absolute lifesaver. After trying many lotions, the Nature’s Aid Gel has been the only skin lotion to immediately calm the itching and the skin crawling g after contacting mites. And the relief lasts for hours. Will never be without it!!!! Thank you Nature’s Aid for giving me my life back. ~ Pat

– A Success Story shared on, 03 2019

Cleared up Acne 

Hi there!

Firstly, I just wanted to share that I absolutely love your gel. I’ve had the worst back acne ever since high school and I haven’t been able to kick it. I don’t ever leave my acne, I pick and have always known it makes it worse, but this time whilst using Nature’s Aid, it helps me not to pick because I actually see the difference it’s making. My goal is to wear a beautiful off shoulder dress this summer and with the help of your product, I will 100% be able to accomplish this dream of confidence!

It really does work. What’s better is that the very few ingredients it has, I can fully comprehend!

Thank you for helping make my dress dreams come true! ~ Amy

A Success Story shared on, 05 2017

So Many Uses!

I can not say enough about the Nature’s Aid skin gel. I have been using it for so long, where do I start. Any skin irritation, pimple, mouth cankers, insect bits, puffy eyes and on and on. It cover such a large range of uses, I have a large bottle on hand all the time. It takes so little it also lasts a long time. Wonderful product and I will be trying it with the moisturizer in it too as I suffer from very dry skin. ~ Ruth

A Success Story shared on, 02 2018

Pimple Be Gone

I had a little red pimple on my chest for almost 2 months and plain old cleaning didn’t seem to have much effect on it so I used the Nature’s Aid skin gel on it every day after a shower and within 5 days the blemish was pretty well gone. I was quite surprised how effective it was for this skin issue. Thank you so much for developing this amazing product! ~ Sandi

A Success Story shared on, August 2017

Poison Ivy

It’s working very well for an extra itchy episode of poison ivy! ~ Dr Ashley Girard, ND

A Success Story shared on, June 2017

Soothed My Curling Iron Burn

Dear Natures Aid,

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing I find your product. I could already give you many reasons your skin gel is a staple in my beauty arsenal! However, last week I was truly amazed at the healing power of Natures Aid skin gel. I was getting ready for work and I had set my curling iron to 400c. I happened to get distracted and I grabbed the curling iron by the wrong end. My hand was very badly burned and I went into shock from the pain. Naturally I immediately put it under cold water at first and then I started to slather on cold natures aid gel from my fridge. Although the pain was terrible, I found respite in the extremely soothing cool gel. It is now exactly one week later and i have zero blistering, scarring or any sign that I was ever burned. I’m amazed and the speed at which my hand healed, is quite remarkable. This experience has catapulted Natures Aid Skin Gel from a beauty staple, to my ‘holy grail’ skin care product! Thank you so much!!! ~ Louise

A Success Story shared on, April 2017

Scarring & Cuts

I had scarring on my arms from trimming thorned hedges. After I applied Nature’s Aid skin gel for a couple of weeks it healed and completely disappeared. I’d like to thank the folks who work at Nature’s Aid your product is excellent! ~ Julian

A Success Story shared on, December 2016.

Soothes Burns

Started using the skin gel a few years ago. Works on burns (really well) , cuts and other scrapes. Even carry the small container on holiday. You know it even dissolved a skin tag? ~ Doug H.

A Success Story shared on, December 2016.

Relief from Chemical Burns

Hello! I am a Niagara Falls resident who has greatly benefited from your product. I received severe chemical burns on my leg and arm from using a powerful chemical paint stripper. Most people thought I would need skin grafts. Instead, I used nature’s aid and wound debriding techniques and, considering the severity of the burns (through all layers of skin) – I healed with minimal scarring. Since then, I have given samples of your product as countless gifts to friends and family – we all love nature’s aid!!!! Thank you!!! ~ Hilary

A Success Story shared on, October 2016

So Glad My Son Introduced Me to This Product

My son introduced me to your skin gel. He uses it as an after-shave. Recently, I had a piece of furniture fall against the back of my lower left leg, leaving a long open scrape along the bone above my heel plus a smaller open scrape on the ankle bone. As well, I had been enduring (for over a month) a very persistent and re-occurring outbreak of blisters on my lower lip. Initially, I applied over-the-counter antibiotic gel to the open scrapes on my leg, but after a few days, I switched to Nature’s Aid, which gave me instant cooling relief from the sting and pain, and helped with the healing process. Then I got the bright idea to try it on my lower lip. I applied it near the lower outside edge of my lip and on top of all the scabs. I am happy to say that both my leg and lower lip are coming along nicely!! So glad my son introduced me to Nature’s Aid 🙂 ~ Katherine E.

A Success Story shared on, August 2016

Miracle in a Bottle

This product truly is a miracle in a bottle. I’ve been struggling with a huge plantars wart for about 4 months now. I’ve tried everything from liquid nitrogen to digging it out myself. Five days ago my wart was so badly infected that I could barely walk, and so I originally applied Nature’s Aid to rid myself of the infection. Low and behold, my wart is almost completely gone after 5 days of applying the product. I am amazed. Thank you so much! ~ Brittney T.

A Success Story shared on, July 2016

Must-Have Product

I love this skin gel! We used it on scrapes, eczema, blemishes, rashes … it is unscented and all of the ingredients are time-tested necessities in one’s home first aid kit (witch hazel is cooling, aloe vera is healing, tea tree oil is antiseptic, vitamin E is soothing and rosemary is antioxidant). Because it’s not greasy, it’s quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a slimy feeling. This product will be a must-have in my handbag and first aid kit. ~ Susan N.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

So Many Uses for this Gel

I have been using the skin gel for awhile now and quite like it. I tried it as a toner, on eczema, first aid for a cat bite and even for really bad diaper rash. I love how it dries quickly and you can’t feel it on the skin. Helped bring down swelling and soothed the skin. It’s filled with ingredients I was confident putting on my skin as well as my children’s. I also fell in love with the lip balm and have been raving about it since trying it. I have recommended this product and will be purchasing in the future. ~ Ashley R.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

It’s Fantastic

I loved this product! I used it on blemishes, cuts and scrapes, and as a facial toner as well. It was fantastic! I cannot wait until summer to use it as a sunburn relief product! ~ Karen K.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

What a Great Product

What a great product! I used it as a facial lotion for my combination/sensitive skin without suffering any irritation. Those with drier skin would want to use a moisturizer over top. I was most impressed by how quickly it cleared up a skin rash that my dog had. I noticed a remarkable improvement within 24 hours. Definitely going to be an essential product in my natural healthcare repertoire. ~ Jaimie-Leigh B.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

Can Use on Sensitive Skin

I like the non greasy feeling of this gel. I have used it on my paper cuts and they heal quite fast. I also use it as my daily moisturizer. Since it contains all natural ingredients, I feel safe to use it on my sensitive skin. Overall, it is a great product to have in your purse and it comes in travel sizes too. ~ Tammy L.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

I Really Like this Product

I really enjoy this product. I often use it after outdoor activities since the west coast has very HOT days. I put it in my fridge and then put on sunburn area, after a few minutes it would cool down very quickly and feel comfortable again. ~ Michelle C.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

Fast Healing

Great product! Perfect for a multitude of skin related needs and feels great on the skin. I usually scar easily, but this has been healing cuts fast, without leaving scars behind! Highly recommended! ~ Jessica M.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

Great for Cuts

This is some amazing stuff, I reallly liked it for sunburns and also it worked great. I had a cut that just did not want to heal started getting a lil red and sore so I used this regularly and in a few days I could see a big difference. It really helped me heal I def would buy and recommend this product. ~ Gail M.

As reviewed on SocialNature, April 2016

Remarkable Product

Nature’s Aid is a remarkable product! When my dear mother was bed ridden, while dying of cancer, she developed a severe bed sore on her tail bone.  The nurses were beside themselves, not knowing what to do and I discovered that at the hospitals, they use “Sunlight Dish Soap” on a piece of gauze and tape it to the wound!!  Upon seeing this, I was mortified and brought a bottle of Nature’s Aid to them and asked them to use it, as I told them I had been using if for many years for all kinds of skin problems.  They applied it to the flesh wound a few times a day and within two days a scab began to form. (Unusual for cancer patients to heal so quickly – if at all). The nursing staff was so astonished by the remarkable results, that they asked me to get them some for other patients.  My beautiful mother has since passed away, but would have been proud and happy to know that she was instrumental in helping others. ~ Marlene

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Burns from Radiation Treatment

Before I started my radiation therapy I began a regime of applying Nature’s Aid to the area that was to be involved. The scar from surgery is almost invisible and there was not even a hint of redness, let alone a burn, from the radiation treatment. I have bought this gel for a few people who have told me that they will be receiving radiation treatments and have had only positive feedback. ~ Beth

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Love this Gel

I LOVE Nature’s Aid! I am being treated for cancer and had some surgery prior and it was the only thing that cured my peeling skin. Thank you very much. ~ Jenna

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

This Gel Has Been Such a Help

I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how much your product has helped some people around me.

I was in a tiny health food store in Kitchener Ontario when I came cross your product. I had not heard or seen it prior to my visit that day. When I seen your product, it came to mind a girl I work with who’s sister is having chemo treatment to remove her stage 2 Breast Cancer. Within 2 days of my friends sister trying your product, she was sending me back for more. It was the ONLY product she was able to use during her chemo treatments on her burnt scalp that did not hurt her and in fact helped it feel so much better.

After she had great success with it, she used it on a rash her son has had on his arm for years that doctors had to been able to help with any prescription and within 2 days he started to heal as well. She was so impressed with your product, she took in the bottle I had given her into her oncologist at her following appointment. Her oncologist is very interested in your product as well she is looking into recommending it to her other patients.

I have also found your product wonderful for the dry patch I get on my scalp from wearing a constant ponytail, and I also use it on acne I get on my cheeks occasionally.

I have had my sister who is a nutritionist try this product so she can recommend it to her clients also. Since then, I seem to have become the ‘supplier’ of this at work since good news travel fast and I get nothing but amazing stories from everyone who tries it!

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing it soon in my other favorite health food stores. ~ Laura Y.

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

I Recommend This Product

I recommend Nature’s Aid skin gel to my patients and they find it soothing and enriching on their skin in addition to being therapeutic for burns and skin conditions. I use it myself on a daily basis and my massage therapist uses it in her practice. I recently had occasion to use the gel on my sunburn. I applied it 2-3 times over a 12-hour period and found it to be soothing, but, best of all, I did not blister or peel. This is a product I will continue to recommend to my patients. ~ Kate Reid, Naturopathic Doctor

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

No Scarring from 2nd Degree Sunburn

Nature’s Aid has worked wonders for me. I had second degree sunburn on my head, face, arms and legs. Within 2 weeks of using Nature’s Aid, 2 times a day, the burns were healed. When the Doctors first saw my burns, they told me that I would probably be left with scars because of the severity of the burns. I’m very impressed because I don’t have any scars. I recommend Nature’s Aid to everyone. ~ Greg V.

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Miracle Formula

Nature’s Aid is a miracle formula! While rushing around to get ready for a pool party, I tripped on the cement stairs, badly scraping and banging up my shins. I immediately applied Nature’s Aid, which gave me great relief. After a while, the swelling was gone and the scrapes were barely noticeable. It was like magic!! I totally trust Nature’s Aid for any first aid treatment and recommend it to everyone. I also love to use the gel on face – it makes my skin feel so soft! ~ Joan

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

It’s Great for Everything

Nature’s Aid is great for everything! I use Nature’s Aid on my own sensitive skin as a head-to-toe moisturizer and, also after being out in the sun or the dry cold. My mother has used Nature’s Aid to help with post-surgery healing and my brother has used it to treat his infant daughter’s mild eczema. I’m looking forward to an occasion to treat my pets with it! I’m reassured by the fact that Nature’s Aid contains such clean and natural ingredients, unlike most commercial skin care products. ~ Dr. Angela Failler

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Great for Acne Prone Skin

My daughter’s friend has very bad acne and she has tried everything, including Proactive, so one night when she stayed over at our house, I got her to put a little bit on a spot on her face, she said it felt good, kind of a cooling feeling. In the morning, we were both amazed to see that spot was clear. ~ Michele

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Never Without this Gel

I “Love, Love, Love” this product. Since it was first introduced to me about 5 years ago, I have not been without any. I have recommended this product to everyone I know and they too “Love” it! ~ Kim L.

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Used for Baby Eczema

Your product is wonderful – my 9 month old suffers from eczema and we cannot believe the difference already. Thanks again. 🙂 ~ Dana

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

This Gel Works

My husband has had a pre-cancer spot on his cheek removed surgically several times. We have been using Nature’s Aid since early this spring and the rough, red spot is barely visible now. It looks almost completely healed. He uses it very sparingly, but it does a wonderful job. Nature’s Aid advertises that it does many things and we have not found one that does not work! ~ Rosemary R.

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Relief from Eczema

I have been an eczema sufferer since childhood; four years ago, I had a severe outbreak. I was prescribed countless creams and ointments containing cortisones and steroids, however none of them were able to provide any relief. About four months ago, I was introduced to your product. What a difference! All natural, soothing, and it works! Not only does it provide the relief I have been looking for, it has also repaired many areas of my skin that I thought would be permanently damaged. Thank you, Nature’s Aid! ~ Pam

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Settled a Sunburn

A friend visiting from Ontario had some and I used it on my arms that were sunburnt and really unsightly. It calmed the skin down immediately. Thank you. ~ Elaine T.

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.

Magnificent Natural Product

I’m a Registered Nurse in Sudbury. I’ve been using your product for ~5 yrs. (recommended by one of my sister’s friends)…& I absolutely LOVE it…for just about anything related to the largest human bodily organ! I had obtained some of your pamphlets during one of my Nature’s Aid purchases from Paris Natural Foods to hand out to family, friends, & most regularly to my patients with any form of dermatological problem. P.S. THANK YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY FOR CREATING SUCH A MAGNIFICENT NATURAL PRODUCT…MUCH APPRECIATED! ~ Linda

A Success Story shared on, March 2016.