Travel Essentials: Why our skin gel should make your list

No matter if you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, there are certain travel essentials you don’t leave home without.

So before you pack a first aid ointment, regular ol’ aloe gel, toner, moisturizer, and something to control those flyaway hairs, read this!

Skin Gel - East Coast SceneryOur skin gel can replace all those extra bottles and containers in your luggage, making it lighter, or leaving more room for other things – say an extra pair of shoes. Why? Because…

It reaaaalllly works

Beyond the multi-purpose aspect – I’ll get to all the uses in a second – you need to know that our aloe-based skin gel is unlike any other on the market. This isn’t just our opinion either. It’s because we use a unique process to derive a concentrated extract. And this gives you maximum benefits out of the aloe plant.

For example, most aloe gels on the market say they’re 99% aloe vera. While technically true, aloe vera gel consists primarily of water. This means of that 99% aloe vera, the majority is actually the gel’s water, leaving you with about 0.99% of the gel’s beneficial ingredients.
Our true natural skin gel, along with our other aloe-based products, offer superior results thanks to the concentrated extract, especially when mixed with our other healing ingredients such as vitamin E, tea tree, witch hazel and rosemary.
Now, on to how it can replace a number of other travel essentials.

This one product has dozens of uses

From soothing sunburns to razor burn, bug bites to flyaway hairs, this gel does it all. Use it for:
After-sun care – to nourish and rehydrate your skin
First-aid – the gel can be used on minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
Bug bites and stings
After-shave and razor burn – it can also help prevent ingrown hairs
Allergic skin reactions
Skin irritations
Heat Rash
Hair care – the gel is fast-absorbing and non-greasy so use it to add volume, control flyaway hairs and help with dandruff
Eczema flareups
Pimples – use as a spot treatment to soothe, reduce redness and inflammation and help them disappear faster
Face wash
Shave gel – just be sure to rinse your razor well
And so much more
So while you’re making sure you have your phone charger, sunscreen and wireless speaker, also be sure to add a bottle of our true natural skin gel to your bag.
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