The Many Reasons You Need Nature’s Aid Skin Gel this Winter

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Why the cooler seasons are a great time to use Nature’s Aid Skin Gel.

People often think of Nature’s Aid skin gel as a spring and summer product and we can understand why – with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E it is great for taking the irritation out of bug bites and poison ivy and for healing sunburns. However, the cooler weather doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away the skin gel along with all the other summer products. In fact, this is the time of year I use it most. Here’s why:


Healthier Looking Skin

We all love to soak up the warmth of the sun while we can. But even the most sun-smart person’s skin can take a hit, leading to sun and age spots, fine lines and even wrinkles. Continuing use of Nature’s Aid skin gel throughout the fall and winter will help repair any damage caused from the sun, as well as revitalize your skin and prep it for the colder months ahead.


Acne and Spots

Winter and breakouts are an awful combination. Your skin is already dry, and adding more acne cream can increase dryness as well as lead to a red and inflamed appearance. With Nature’s Aid skin gel’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, it is the perfect spot treatment for pimples. For an extra skin boost, use it as a cleanser and toner.

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Dry and Flaky Skin

While your face may feel the brunt of the cold, dry air from Old Man Winter, the rest of your skin needs extra attention this time of year as well. You can use the gel over your arms, legs and body. For extra moisture, opt for our true natural moisturizing skin gel.


Eczema and other Skin Irritations

Cold weather, low humidity and hot, dry houses wreak havoc on the skin, especially for those with eczema or other common skin irritations. Nature’s Aid skin gel helps by soothing and reducing the inflammation and itch while moisturizing the skin.

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Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Similar to the rest of your skin, the scalp also becomes prone to dryness and flakes when the cold weather hits. Simply apply Nature’s Aid skin gel directly onto the scalp after towel drying your hair to not only nourish and hydrate, but also reduce irritations. For even better results, combine this process with our Naturally Enriching Shampoo.



Sunburns may be top of mind when combining the words ‘burn’ and ‘Nature’s Aid’, but this multi-purpose gel works wonders on any type of mild to moderate skin burns. Personally, I need the gel more than I’d like to admit for hot water burns, when I get a little too rushed making my morning tea. After rinsing under lukewarm water, regularly apply Nature’s Aid to the area to sooth the nagging pain.


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