Since the introduction of Nature’s Aid skin gel, we have received countless letters and emails from people who have benefited from our unique formula’s healing properties.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who has written us, we truly appreciate your feedback and love to hear how Nature’s Aid has helped you. We will continually work to provide you with natural health and beauty products of the highest quality. Do you have a success story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. 

Here is a small selection of the testimonials we have received:
(Please note, results may vary per person)

I can not say enough about the Nature’s Aid skin gel. I have been using it for so long, where do I start. Any skin irritation, pimple, mouth cankers, insect bits, puffy eyes and on and on. It cover such a large range of uses, I have a large bottle on hand all the time. It takes so little it also lasts a long time. Wonderful product and I will be trying it with the moisturizer in it too as I suffer from very dry skin.

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, 02 2018

- Ruth on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

I had a little red pimple on my chest for almost 2 months and plain old cleaning didn’t seem to have much effect on it so I used the Nature’s Aid skin gel on it every day after a shower and within 5 days the blemish was pretty well gone. I was quite surprised how effective it was for this skin issue. Thank you so much for developing this amazing product!


A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, August 2017

- Sandi on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

It’s working very well for an extra itchy episode of poison ivy!


A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, June 2017

- Dr Ashley Girard ND, on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Dear Natures Aid,

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing I find your product. I could already give you many reasons your skin gel is a staple in my beauty arsenal! However, last week I was truly amazed at the healing power of Natures Aid skin gel. I was getting ready for work and I had set my curling iron to 400c. I happened to get distracted and I grabbed the curling iron by the wrong end. My hand was very badly burned and I went into shock from the pain. Naturally I immediately put it under cold water at first and then I started to slather on cold natures aid gel from my fridge. Although the pain was terrible, I found respite in the extremely soothing cool gel. It is now exactly one week later and i have zero blistering, scarring or any sign that I was ever burned. I’m amazed and the speed at which my hand healed, is quite remarkable. This experience has catapulted Natures Aid Skin Gel from a beauty staple, to my ‘holy grail’ skin care product! Thank you so much!!!

A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, April 2017

- Louise M, on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Started using the shampoo and conditioner approximately 10 months ago…instantly loved the products…I have curly hair and subsequently my hair is on the dry side…I was using curly hair products, but found they were drying my hair out more so unless I followed with a generous supply of their gel…not only were these products 2-3 times more expensive but the amount needed to be used were excessive…I recommend Natures Aid shampoo and conditioner for all hair types…thank you to the head office employees who gave me advice and information when I stopped in with my questions…👍🏻


A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, March 2017

- Lin G on Nature’s Aid all-natural Shampoo and Conditioner
Nature's Aid

I had scarring on my arms from trimming thorned hedges. After I applied Nature’s Aid skin gel for a couple of weeks it healed and completely disappeared. I’d like to thank the folks who work at Nature’s Aid your product is excellent!


A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, December 2016.

- Julian D on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Started using the skin gel a few years ago. Works on burns (really well) , cuts and other scrapes. Even carry the small container on holiday. You know it even dissolved a skin tag?

A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, December 2016.

- Doug H. on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Hello! I am a Niagara Falls resident who has greatly benefited from your product. I received severe chemical burns on my leg and arm from using a powerful chemical paint stripper. Most people thought I would need skin grafts. Instead, I used nature’s aid and wound debriding techniques and, considering the severity of the burns (through all layers of skin) – I healed with minimal scarring. Since then, I have given samples of your product as countless gifts to friends and family – we all love nature’s aid!!!! Thank you!!!


A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, October 2016

- Hilary, Niagara Falls ON, on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

My son introduced me to your skin gel. He uses it as an after-shave. Recently, I had a piece of furniture fall against the back of my lower left leg, leaving a long open scrape along the bone above my heel plus a smaller open scrape on the ankle bone. As well, I had been enduring (for over a month) a very persistent and re-occurring outbreak of blisters on my lower lip. Initially, I applied over-the-counter antibiotic gel to the open scrapes on my leg, but after a few days, I switched to Nature’s Aid, which gave me instant cooling relief from the sting and pain, and helped with the healing process. Then I got the bright idea to try it on my lower lip. I applied it near the lower outside edge of my lip and on top of all the scabs. I am happy to say that both my leg and lower lip are coming along nicely!! So glad my son introduced me to Nature’s Aid 🙂

A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, August 2016.

- Katherine E. from Mississauga, ON on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

“This product truly is a miracle in a bottle. I’ve been struggling with a huge plantars wart for about 4 months now. I’ve tried everything from liquid nitrogen to digging it out myself. Five days ago my wart was so badly infected that I could barely walk, and so I originally applied Nature’s Aid to rid myself of the infection. Low and behold, my wart is almost completely gone after 5 days of applying the product. I am amazed. Thank you so much!”

A Success Story shared on NaturesAid.ca, July 2016.

- Brittney T. on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid