Since the introduction of Nature’s Aid skin gel, we have received countless letters and emails from people who have benefited from our unique formula’s healing properties.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who has written us, we truly appreciate your feedback and love to hear how Nature’s Aid has helped you. We will continually work to provide you with natural health and beauty products of the highest quality. Do you have a success story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. 

Here is a small selection of the testimonials we have received:
(Please note, results may vary per person)

I’ve used other bar shampoos before and they left my hair feeling like straw but this one has left it feeling soft and volumized!

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, June 2020

- Kristine on Nature’s Aid Solid Shampoo Bars
Nature's Aid

The shampoo bar is AMAZING!!! Better than any others I’ve tried.

- Louise on Nature’s Aid Solid Shampoo Bars
Nature's Aid

Thank you for your amazing products. I have been using them for a while but had to share with Covid and having to wash my hands very often, I started using your bar soap I received as a gift. I can’t tell you how it made a difference in my skin. My hands are not cracked, they are soft. I highly recommend this bar!

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, May 2020

- Gisele on Nature’s Aid Bar Soap
Nature's Aid

I struggle with rosacea and this product changed my skin forever.

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, May 2020

- Nicole on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Hello. I love LOVE the Moisturizing Skin Gel. It is by far the best product I have used on my face. So thank you for formulating and selling this product!

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, May 2020

- Ryan on Nature’s Aid Moisturizing Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Hello! I want to assure you that I know skin products being an esthetician for over forty years. Yes, I’m sixty five and have been using the gel for over ten years. I’ve seen results on everything from thinning hair to general acne. It works. Maybe there are no gold flakes in the product but it’s gold as a product! Thank you Thank you

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, May 2020

- Gisele on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

I’m a new and quite impressed customer.
Today I used your Energizing (Lemongrass & Peppermint) Solid Shampoo Bar for the first time. Not only did it lather up beautifully but it rinsed away effortlessly. And now my hair is shiny and manageable. I bought it with portability for travel yet received so so much more. Thank you!

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, March 2020

- Merna on Nature’s Aid Solid Shampoo
Nature's Aid

I discovered your products very recently and wanted to share my history and experience (brief as it has been so far) using your products:

I have suffered with eczema on my hands almost constantly for the last 7-ish years. As with most eczema sufferers, I tried everything (including everything that was ‘suggested’). The ‘best’ solution I had come to was a 3 cream approach 1) anti itch cream/steroid cream 2) antibiotic cream to heal broken/cut skin 3) moisturizer.

If you haven’t had to deal with this kind of situation, it is incredibly frustrating because you rarely deal with one symptom at a time but you can only treat one at a time. Meaning, if my hands were itchy but also cut I had to opt for one treatment over the other. This meant I used an anti itch cream but my fingers remained sore and cracked, or I treated the cuts but the itch persisted…or in the case of the moisturizer and broken skin it can sting and be awfully painful. And so the treatment goes throughout the day, cream 1-cream-2 cream 3-repeat in whatever order. And this isn’t even really that effective, all it really does is keep things at bay at best, at worst it’s a futile and expensive exercise in going nowhere fast.

So when I came across the Nature’s Aid Aloe at my local spa and I was told it works wonders (because I haven’t heard that a million times before lol!) I had a read of the ingredient list and uses for the cream and because of it’s healing properties, itch aid and aloe I decided I’d give it a go since it may help to combat more then 1 of my symptoms at a time.

Well… I bought the small 35ml bottle and went through it in a couple of days and it worked incredibly well! It didn’t sting even if my hands were cracked or cut, it helped to heal the damaged skin (which also can be very itchy) and it reduced the intensity of the itching in my hands! I was sold! I took a look online and found the moisturizing lotion so that’s the one I purchased next and it is even better for my hands! I carry a small 35ml bottle with me everywhere and I use it regularly throughout the day. I’ve started to use it as an all over moisturizer because I have sensitive skin and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I still have a ways to go with my hands because so many things irritate them throughout the day but I at least have something that doesn’t hurt (which means I use it a lot more then if it did sting) and that works! I will recommend this to anyone and everyone as a tried and true solution that only an eczema sufferer can offer lol!!

From the bottom of my heart (and the tips of my fingers), thank you…you have a lifer here

Keep doing what you’re doing!

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, April 2019

- Carrie on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Hi there!  I just had to share how impressed I am with your “all natural skin gel.”
My son who suffers from many skin conditions had a rash that just wouldn’t go away so after being told to try your products I decided to give it a shot! Well sure enough after a couple applications there was a huge difference. I wish I would have taken pictures of before/after because it truly was a relief to see a improvement 🙂

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, September 2019

- Sarah on Nature’s Aid Skin Gel
Nature's Aid

Greetings Nature’s Aid! I am writing in regards to the wonderful things you have done for my daughter. She is 15 years old & has recently undergone a health battle that resulted in her hair thinning terribly.  It has been a challenge to say the least in finding gentle,  amazing products to accompany her needs. My mother in law discovered you all and we couldn’t be more satisfied; Nature’s Aid’s natural shampoo & conditioner have been amazing, & her hair is thickening up & looks healthy! Nature’s Aid has been a blessing & an uplifter for her! Dylan is so pleased and now she feels like every other child her age.

A Success Story shared on Naturesaid.ca, 09 2019

- Christy on Nature’s Aid Shampoo & Conditioner
Nature's Aid