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The Holiday Season: Entertaining with Pets

The holidays are a merry time filled with get-togethers, food, decorations and gifts. And while all these things are great, they can lead to confusion with your pet. In order to get the most out of the holiday season for yourself and your pet, here are some points to consider.   Watch for signs of

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Top 4 Low Maintenance Pets for Kids

Many parents are all too familiar with their kids pleading for a pet. There are many reasons for and against giving in to these pleas, and since we are partial to pets here at Nature’s Aid, we are going to strengthen the reasons to get a pet: they offer great companionship to kids (yes, even

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What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pet

Whether you have always wanted a pet, grew up with a family pet and now want your own, are looking for a companion, or are being beseeched by your children; there are a number of things to consider before adopting a pet. Here, we’ve outlined the top 10: Why do you want a pet? This

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