Stop the Static: 5 Natural Hair Care Tips

It’s that time of year, you know, where everything you do seems to make your hair stand up?

Straightening it? Static! Changing your clothes? Static! Leaning against a wall? Static!

static hair

Usually I’m all for extra volume, but static hair isn’t exactly the way I want to achieve it. However, I also don’t want to be putting all kinds of harmful ingredients or chemicals in my hair.

To combat this ever-annoying issue, we sought out effective, natural alternatives.

Prevent Static:

Don’t over clean. The experts agree, hair does not need to be washed every day. Now, that doesn’t mean it can’t get wet every day, so if you’ve had a work out feel free to rinse, but you don’t need to use shampoo. Over-cleaning strips the natural oils from you hair, leaving it dry and prone to static. Instead, wash it about 3 times a week with a quality, natural shampoo and conditioner. May we suggest our very own Nature’s Aid all natural shampoo and conditioner for this?!

Use the right tools. Brushing in general causes friction between your hair and the bristles, now add plastic or synthetic materials to the mix, and you are looking at turbo-charged hair. Instead, use a brush or comb made with natural fibers. Wood combs with wide spaced teeth, or boar bristle brushes with wooden handles get the best reviews. But still, keep brushing to a minimum, even with the proper tools.

Humidify your home. During the winter, dry indoor air and cold outdoor air lead to the accumulation of static electricity. Neutralize this threat with the help of a humidifier. According to Celebrity Hairstylist Ben Skervin, a humidifier will counteract the dry heat in your home and instead of creating frizz, will leave your hair more nourished.

Combat Static:

Tame fly-aways. After drying, straightening or styling your hair, apply some natural gel that will lock in moisture and help keep hairs down. Our skin gel is actually great at this job. Simply put a pea-sized amount of gel in your hands and apply to stray or fly-away hairs. The gel is nice and light, and will not cause your hair to become sticky, lumpy, or greasy.

Make an anti-static spray. When the static is just too much but you really don’t want to re-wash your hair (because that will bring you back to the problem of over-drying), a simply DIY rescue spray is what you need. Rosewater and vegetable glycerine are the only ingredients you need for this moisture-rich, beautifully scented solution. To make, simply mix 95 ml Rosewater with 5 ml vegetable glycerin in a spray bottle and lightly spritz hair when needed.


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