The new label also has new ingredients listed, were these ingredients always there or did you change the formula?

The short answer is no; we have not changed the formula. The ingredients that are listed on the new label have always been in Nature’s Aid’s formulation. However, as new owners, we saw an opportunity to improve the formula by using a higher quality, medical grade Aloe Vera. Purer than the Aloe Vera used by the previous owner, this change is why you may have noticed a slight change in colour, smell or texture. This purer form of aloe has no colour, which is why you will no longer see a green tint. It does not mask the natural scent of tea tree, rosemary and witch hazel, giving the gel a slightly stronger smell.

The additional ingredients listed on the label play a significant role in stabilizing and preserving the gel and making the product useful for consumers. Without these components, our essential ingredients would not remain blended, would be watery, and would only have a shelf life of a couple of weeks, if that.

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For more information about these ingredients, visit our ingredients glossary.

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