Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Plastic Pollution

Only about 9% of plastic actually gets recycled in Canada.

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that circulate marine environments.

Globally, upwards of 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown away. EachYear.

Even if you recycle…

This is because plastic bottles need to be thoroughly rinsed and dried (something many people don’t know to do), meaning most of these bottles actually end up in landfills, are incinerated, or worse.

Switching to solids eliminates this problem while offering other eco-friendly benefits. For example:

each bar is more than 9 x lighter than the equivalent bottled shampoo, which means less carbon emissions 

there is less chance of spillage or product waste, which leads to less ingredient waste, which also leads to less water waste

Making the Switch to Solids

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering making the switch to solid shampoo and conditioner bars. And while 1 person making 1 change might not seem like a big deal, it all adds up over time.

Just imagine how many shampoo and conditioner bottles you could save in 1 year by making this switch. Now 5 years, then 10.

Now think of how many bottles will be saved from landfills and oceans if just 100 other families made this switch. See how quickly it’s all adding up?

You May Be Wondering…

Will a solid shampoo and conditioner really work for me?

If they are a true shampoo and conditioner (not just soap) … the answer is definitely YES!

Whether your hair is short, long, thick, fine, frizzy, oily, there are quality bars formulated to work with your hair type. Take ours, for example.

They are REAL shampoos and conditioners, NOT soap!

Why do we say this? Because many solid shampoo and conditioner bars on the market are actually just soap. And using soap to wash your hair can leave it feeling rough, looking dry and with a waxy, soap-scum build-up.

However, our True Natural Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars work just like liquid shampoos and conditioners. They lather, cleanse and rinse away clean. No added steps are required with our bars (we’re looking at you apple cider vinegar rinse). Rinsing with apple cider vinegar is often recommended when using other shampoo and conditioner bars in order to get rid of the waxy residue.

With our bars, there is NO waxy build-up. All you’re left with is clean, nourished, vibrant hair.

The True Natural Difference

These shampoo bars offer an amazing natural lather while our conditioner bars give your hair a light-weight moisture.

Every salon quality bar:

has an anti-residue formula

can be used on coloured hair

is vitamin and antioxidant rich

is vegan friendly and cruelty free

absolutely NO silicons or palm oils

contains NO parabens, SLS, artificial colours or fragrances