Nature’s Aid Skin Gel – Skin Care Uses

Nature’s Aid skin gel has been perfectly formulated to accelerate the healing process and provide soothing relief for most skin conditions caused by bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections.

Whether you are prone to dry skin, acne, cold sores or cellulitis, or regularly deal with eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, Nature’s Aid skin gel is an effective option for all these common skin occurrences as well as many others.

Our five core ingredients work together to soothe the skin, provide moisture and hydration, as well as penetrate the many layers of the epidermis to reduce inflammation, stimulate cell renewal and growth, as well as offer analgesic (pain killing) properties.

Great on its own or as part of a team, try one of the following mixtures to give your skin an extra boost.

Face wash for sensitive skin, breakouts and rosacea:

Mix 1 Tbsp. Nature’s Aid skin gel with 1 tsp almond milk and 1 tsp lemon juice.

Rinse your face and apply mixture, massaging it into the skin.

Wait 1-2 minutes and then use a warm, damp washcloth to gently wipe it away.

Anti-aging gel:

Mix 1 Tbsp. Nature’s Aid with 1 tsp 100% raw, organic coconut oil.

Massage into hands, face or neck until the contents are warm.

Use a warm, damp wash cloth to gently remove the mixture.

Nature’s Aid body scrub:

Mix ½ cup Nature’s Aid with brown sugar or baking soda to get a gritty, but not sharp, texture. Add the brown sugar or baking soda a little bit at a time to ensure you get just the right amount.

Rub the mixture over your elbows, heels, arms and legs in the shower and rinse clean.

Hand sanitizer that won’t dry out your skin:

Mix ½ cup Nature’s Aid skin gel with ¼ cup alcohol and 20 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Transfer mixture into a spritz bottle.

When needed, spritz hands and rub together. The alcohol will fight germs while the skin gel moisturizes and the essential oil offers a nice, light fragrance.

Soothing as an ice cube, Nature’s Aid skin gel will take care of just about all your skin care needs:

Dry skin
Heat rash
Cold sores
Athletes foot
Nail infection
In-grown hairs
Chicken pox
Allergic skin reactions
And so much more

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