Retailer Highlight: S&H Health Foods

We caught up with Tammy, Assistant Store Manager of S&H Health Foods in Kingston, Ontario, to talk about her store, our products, and the natural health industry.

Q: What got you into the natural health industry?

A: I actually started working here part time. I used to work at a furniture store, but found this to be a useful change of life direction. 

Q: What drew you most towards this new career path?

A: I hate all of the harsh chemicals found in products we’ve been using for so long. And with all of the information coming out about the negative side effects of these chemicals, and knowing that what we use topically go

es into our bodies, it makes sense to me that anything we put on our skin should be natural.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

A: The interactions with other people. You get a lot of feedback about different products from customers, various experiences and knowledge about the natural health industry. There is a passion and a curiosity to learn more, and I enjoy helping others find the solutions that they’re looking for.

Q: What are people saying about the new Nature’s Aid products?

A: The shampoo and body wash are doing phenomenally well, and the bar soaps are getting really good reviews. I have one customer with really bad eczema. Nothing was working for her, but then she tried the Nature’s Aid body wash. She said it was the best one she had ever used. Even though it’s all natural it still has a great lather, and a nice, fresh smell.

Q: What do you tell people about our skin gel?

A: The skin gel has been my favourite product for about 5 years now. I tell everyone how great it is, suggesting people start with the purse size, and once they realize how much they love it to come back for the 1 litre. It is so easy to promote this product because of all of its uses – I keep it by my kitchen sink to nourish my hands, in with the first aid kit, and in the bathroom to use as a facial toner. Did you know it can even take off skin tags?!

Thanks Tammy, we enjoyed speaking with you!


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