Reduce Plastic Waste in the Bathroom: Switch to Solids

The bathroom… it may be the smallest room in your home, but it sure can rack up the trash.

plastic waste at home

Just think of all the products kept in this one little room; from floss to toothpaste, deodorant, skin care, hair care, makeup and more.

And the majority of it comes in plastic packaging.

So when you’re trying to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom, it may seem like no small feat. Especially when there are rows and rows of plastic bottles in front of you. ⁠

It’s as if you have to make a conscious effort to seek these products out. ⁠

And when you do, they don’t always live up to your expectations. ⁠

But when they do, the results can be tremendous ~ not just for you, but for the planet.

Think about this:

Personal care products have some of the worst recycling rates with upwards of 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles being disposed of every year.


Studies have found that on a per-wash basis, consumers use more than 6 times the amount of liquid soap (by weight) than bar soap.

So when you make a simple change, like switching to a solid shampoo and conditioner bar or bar soap, the impact can be dramatic.

But, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice on quality while making this switch.

This is why we took our time developing our solid shampoo and conditioner bars. They had to be able to rival any shampoo or conditioner you found in a bottle (including our own). ⁠

They had to give you a great hair washing experience.

It was imperative that they were all natural.

They absolutely had to wash away clean (no residue build-up)!

Could be used on coloured hair.

Be biodegradable.

And leave your hair looking clean, nourished and healthy.

We’re really proud of the end result. And we hope you’ll give them a try. Not only to reduce plastic waste, but for amazing hair… naturally!

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