Nature’s Aid joins Random Acts of Green Community

Random Acts of Green Business Member

Random Acts of Green (RAOG) is a community dedicated to encouraging and motivating people to make greener choices. They provide tips, tools, products and services to help individuals and organizations participate in “Random Acts of Green.”

If you haven’t seen their Facebook or Instagram pages, you should definitely check them out! They offer wonderful tips and advice on simple steps you can take to green your lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out on a greener journey or are already actively involved in this lifestyle; the community support, motivation and positivity is incredible.

You can also take your involvement a step further by downloading the Random Acts of Green App. The app helps you understand your environmental impact while offering motivation to select low-carbon options. Another plus is that the app demonstrates just how much each small act adds up.

For example, having your coffee in a reusable mug saves 106 grams of green house gases per day. And composting can save 1,602 grams of GHG per week. Every time you log your green activities, they are saved to your dashboard, showing you how much carbon you’ve been able to save by undertaking simple daily tasks and changes.

PLUS the more Green Acts you log, the more points you receive. So when you use and log that travel mug, you can receive 35 Green Points per day, just for this one activity. Weekly composting, on the other hand, will get you 1,218 Green Points. And guess what these points give you? Access to awesome discounts with their Business Members!

Join the community, log green acts, receive discounts from green businesses

For example, when you reach 2000 Green Points, you qualify to receive 25% off your Nature’s Aid order at our online store. There are also discounts for many other fabulous, green-focused businesses and products. These businesses have all been vetted by the RAOG team, ensuring they are doing their part for the planet.

As a business member, RAOG offers us a platform to share our green practices, connect with like-minded people and businesses, and learn through their resources and webinars. For individuals, it offers a community to share tips, ideas, successes and obstacles. As well as the opportunity to support companies with similar interests and goals.

We are thrilled to officially be part of this community, and hope you’ll check it out too. Because

Changes we make, make a big difference when done together.~ Random Acts of Green


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