Our History

A history of a natural skin care company

The previous owner, a Canadian horse enthusiast, had been searching for a natural solution to treat her horses’ various sores and skin issues but couldn’t find a single product that was both natural and effective enough for her beloved equines. Relying on her knowledge of natural healing ointments she went on a mission to develop her own solution. Without knowing it at the time, she ended up creating an all-encompassing skin gel that worked not only for horses and other animals, but people too. It was at that time that Nature’s Aid was born.

Our History - skin gel developed for use on horses

With its unique and effective blend of five core ingredients, this cure-all solution would grow over the next decade from a small home-based business, selling primarily to family and friends, to a national brand. Today, Nature’s Aid is a must-have staple in many homes across the country with a loyal following of customers – human and pet alike.

Time for a Change

With growing demand and such a loyal following, the previous owner felt she could no longer give the Nature’s Aid brand the attention it deserved. Knowing her skin gel could fully flourish with new ownership, she decided to close her company and sell the brand.

Who We Are Today

The new owners, a Canadian family, were no strangers to Nature’s Aid when they took it over. In fact, they come with a long time love of the skin gel and an eagerness to grow the brand. Nature’s Aid will always hold the belief that personal care products should be as natural as possible and that your skins’ health should be top of mind with any formulation. With those principles in mind, we are excited to announce there are new products in the works, so stay tuned!