Our Eco Initiatives

More and more consumers are not only looking for natural products, they also want to know that the companies they’re supporting are doing their part for the planet as well. So along with creating true natural products, we wanted to share what we’re doing to keep our company green. After all, we all deserve amazing skin, incredible hair, healthier bodies and a cleaner planet.


Nature isn’t just the inspiration for our brand, it provides us with the very ingredients we use in our products. When formulating products we ensure that all ingredients are sustainably sourced, natural or naturally derived, organic where possible, contain no GMO’s and receive good ratings from the EWG. But that’s not all. We aim to source all our ingredients locally, many which are farm to bottle. They’re also biodegradable and safe to use outdoors.


All of our liquid bath and shower products are packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles and we are working to make all of our liquid packaging 100% recycled by 2022. We are also developing refill options that will allow you to fill-up your Nature’s Aid products at your local retail store, or purchase your own refill pouch to use at home (reducing waste by 90%)!

However, we’re also developing innovative products and packaging that’ll allow us to reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint, without the use of plastics. Our solid shampoo and conditioner bars were just the first of many products to come in our solids collection.

Cruelty Free / Vegetarian & Vegan 

We strongly disagree with the harsh and cruel methods by which some companies operate. Our skin gel was originally formulated with animals in mind, and we are steadfast in our commitment to being a cruelty free brand. For this reason, none of our products are tested on animals and all ingredients are sourced from suppliers with a cruelty free policy. The majority of our products are vegan friendly with the exception of our lip balms which contain beeswax and our Healthy Moisture Bar Soap which contains honey.

At the Office

As a business we are always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint, so along with working to create eco-friendly products, we also tackle green initiatives within the office. From recycling to printing on scrap paper, using LED lights and adjusting the thermostat at night, we want to ensure our workplace is as green as our products.

Beyond Nature’s Aid

Business is about more than sales and profits. It is about giving back and using your success to better the world around you. That is why we have partnered with 2 wonderful organizations:

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a well-respected, non-profit organization with a long standing history of positive advancements in protecting Canada’s natural habitats. We have been a proud sponsor for over 6 years and have contributed over $100,000 to this cause.

Random Acts of Green (RAOG) is a community dedicated to encouraging and motivating people to make greener choices. They provide tips, tools, products and services to help individuals and organizations participate in “Random Acts of Green.” As a business member, RAOG offers us a platform to share our green practices, connect with like-minded people and businesses, and learn through their resources and webinars.

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