Our Commitments



Keeping the Environment in Mind

As a natural company, we recognise first-hand how truly delicate our Earth’s ecosystem is. As such, it is imperative to conduct all business practices with attention to maintaining this delicate design.



No Harsh Chemicals

As a family owned and operated company, we are committed to our promise to offer all-natural products without the use of harsh chemicals or by-products that you can trust.



Against Animal Testing

We strongly disagree with the harsh and cruel methods by which some companies operate.  Originally formulated with animals in mind, we have been bound to the appreciation and care of all God’s creatures since the birth of our brand.



Our products are safe for vegetarian use and where possible, vegans too , after all, our ingredients have been sourced from nature.








We believe that our product’s high quality is dependent the quality of our ingredients. That’s why all our ingredients have been carefully sourced and selected for their excellence, and where possible, we chose organic. Over the next year, we hope to procure even more of our ingredients from organic sources.