Nature’s Aid and Eczema: A skin gel success story

We recently received an email explaining so perfectly what life is like with eczema, and the struggle to find the right approach to deal with flare ups, that we just had to share it.

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A Nature’s Aid and Eczema success story, Submitted by Carrie P.

Hi guys,

I discovered your products very recently and wanted to share my history and experience (brief as it has been so far) using your products:

I have suffered with eczema on my hands almost constantly for the last 7-ish years. As with most eczema sufferers, I tried everything (including everything that was ‘suggested’). The ‘best’ solution I had come to was a 3 cream approach:

  • anti itch cream/steroid cream
  • antibiotic cream to heal broken/cut skin
  • moisturizer

If you haven’t had to deal with this kind of situation, it is incredibly frustrating because you rarely deal with one symptom at a time, but you can only treat one at a time.

Meaning, if my hands were itchy but also cut, I had to opt for one treatment over the other.

This meant I used an anti itch cream, but my fingers remained sore and cracked. Or I treated the cuts but the itch persisted… or in the case of the moisturizer and broken skin it can sting and be awfully painful.

And so the treatment goes throughout the day, cream 1, cream 2, cream 3, repeat in whatever order. And this isn’t even really that effective, all it really does is keep things at bay at best, at worst it’s a futile and expensive exercise in going nowhere fast.

So when I came across the Nature’s Aid Aloe at my local spa and I was told it works wonders (because I haven’t heard that a million times before lol!) I had a read of the ingredient list and uses for the cream and because of it’s healing properties, itch aid and aloe I decided I’d give it a go since it may help to combat more then one of my symptoms at a time.

Well… I bought the small 35 ml bottle and went through it in a couple of days and it worked incredibly well!

It didn’t sting even if my hands were cracked or cut, it helped to heal the damaged skin (which also can be very itchy) and it reduced the intensity of the itching in my hands!

I was sold!

I took a look online and found the moisturizing lotion so that’s the one I purchased next and it is even better for my hands! I carry a small 35 ml bottle with me everywhere and I use it regularly throughout the day. I’ve started to use it as an all over moisturizer because I have sensitive skin and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I still have a ways to go with my hands because so many things irritate them throughout the day but I at least have something that doesn’t hurt (which means I use it a lot more then if it did sting) and that works!

I will recommend this to anyone and everyone as a tried and true solution that only an eczema sufferer can offer lol!!

From the bottom of my heart (and the tips of my fingers), thank you… you have a lifer here.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Best, Carrie

We can’t thank Carrie enough for taking the time to write this testimonial. And hope that by sharing it other eczema sufferers might be able to find relief with our skin gels.

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Tell us, have you had any experience with Nature’s Aid and eczema? We’d love to hear from you!

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