Natural Skin Gel Uses for Babies and New Moms

If you are a new mom, you are certainly checking labels of products to ensure that your baby receives only the best and safest products for their new, delicate skin. What may surprise you is just how many preservatives and chemicals are present, even in baby products, which is quite shocking.

You want your baby to receive the best start in life and chemicals and unnatural ingredients are definitely not the way to go.

Our Natural skin gel is free from all harmful chemicals and safe for use for the whole family. Our key ingredients will help to soothe common conditions such as cradle cap and diaper rash as well as help mom, who may be dealing with skin issues of her own during this new and precious time in her life.


Breastfeeding Complications

infant baby girl is suckling

Breastfeeding is an incredibly special part of being a new mom where baby and mom form a strong bond. Unfortunately, breastfeeding over a period of time can lead to dry, painful and cracked skin. It can be hard to choose the right product to soothe this condition as you want it to be safe for baby too. That’s why we recommend our Natural Skin Gel. Key ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel work together to soothe and treat dry, cracked skin as well as prevent infection due to powerful antibacterial properties.

To use, gently rub into affected areas as often as needed. A good tip is to leave your gel in the fridge as the coolness will provide you with extra relief.

Hormonal Changes and their Impact on the Skin

Pregnancy may be a magical time, but fluctuating hormones may try and spoil all the fun. Hormonal changes can cause skin conditions such as acne and stretch marks. You want to enjoy your pregnancy and not worry about this so treat it as it starts or better yet, why not prevent it before it starts!

Our Natural Skin Gel can be used as a moisturizer with incredible results! Witch Hazel gently refines the skin, Tea Tree kills bacteria preventing and treating acne breakouts, Rosemary and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants, which hydrate the skin and keep it looking young and plump and Aloe Vera soothes the skin. Use morning and night as an all over facial moisturizer, but don’t forget about your neck!

To prevent stretch marks, apply to your stomach and any other areas that may be affected, at the start of your pregnancy and continue throughout. For best results apply at least twice a day.


Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a crusty, scaly skin rash that occurs on the scalp of newborn babies. It is not itchy and does not bother the baby, but it can be difficult to treat if the wrong products are used.

Happy baby boy having a bathFor cradle cap, we highly recommend our Natural Shampoo, which is formulated with only natural and organic ingredients, ensuring you are using only the best for your new baby. Coconut-derived foaming agents are wonderful for treating dry, flaky skin and Rosemary will help to nourish the scalp. For a full list of ingredients, read here.


We recommend washing your baby’s scalp gently at least once a day, until the cradle cap is cleared up.

Diaper Rash


Diaper rash is incredibly uncomfortable for baby and can be a real pain to clear up. Once again, our Natural Skin Gel comes to the rescue!

Diaper rash is characterized by red, inflamed skin so your best bet is to treat the problem area with anti-inflammatory ingredients that will provide soothing relief at the same time. Aloe Vera is fantastic for soothing and tea tree oil will provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

Apply our gel as often as needed as it is so safe to use. 

As you can see, our Natural Skin Gel is all you need for both yourself and your new baby. There’s no need for a medicine cabinet full of products that may not deliver the desired results!

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