Nature’s Aid Natural Lip Balms – Beauty Care Uses

All natural lip balms are a must-have in any beauty regime.

Developing a skin care and beauty routine is second-nature for many women, with a habitual sequence of attention to the face, neck, hands and even feet. Yet, the lips often get overlooked which is surprising as the lips, along with the eyes, are a focal point, especially when paired with a vibrant lipstick.

Let’s look at it this way: You wouldn’t apply foundation over flaky skin, so why would you apply lipstick over dry, cracked lips? Having a lip care routine will not only keep them nourished and smooth but will also help them retain their plumpness and reduce the onset, or appearance of wrinkles.

Keeping your lips in top shape is quick and easy with a simple routine:

Apply Nature’s Aid lip balm at night before going to bed. This will give your lips a chance to recover from the day’s stresses, will give an extra dose of hydration, and will work to remove flakes while you sleep.

In the shower, use your fingers or a washcloth to gently wipe away any flakes. If some flakes remain, don’t pull or tear, they are not ready to come off. Instead, apply lip balm more frequently throughout the day in order to heal and nourish.

Keep lip balms in several places so you are never caught without. We find that nothing is worse than being out and about somewhere with chapped lips and no balm! Be prepared by having lip balms in different purses, in your car, office desk, and on the bedside table. This will ensure you get a dose of moisture whenever your lips are in need.

Apply lip balm throughout the day – as much as every hour for severely cracked or damaged lips – but in general, we recommend every two to three hours.

Drink lots of water. The lips are one of the first places to show signs of dehydration and that can lead to a dry, cracked appearance.

Before applying lipstick, use Nature’s Aid natural lip balm as a primer so that it goes on smoother, allowing you to look your best.


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