A Natural First Aid Remedy

Nature’s Aid skin gel, perfect for anyone looking for natural first aid remedies

Nature’s Aid skin gel is a fast, safe and effective natural first aid treatment. Its high level of anti-oxidants and antibacterial properties make it ideal to promote healing and ward off infection. It contains ingredients that soothe damaged skin, reduce swelling and help stop minor bleeding. In addition to cleaning wounds, Nature’s Aid is an effective burn treatment as well as a pain reliever for various injuries.

· Abrasions
· Allergic plant reactions (e.g. Poison Ivy)
· Allergic skin reactions
· Arthritis
· Bed sores
· Bruises
· Bursitis
· Cuts and scrapes
· Edema
· Frostbite
· Gout
· Hematoma
· Insect bites and stings
· Mild to moderate burns
· Rashes
· Reduce the appearance of scars
· Relieve aches and pains
· Skin ulcers
· Stops minor bleeding
· Sunburns
· Swelling and inflammation
· Tendonitis
· And so much more

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