Lavender Oil

About Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, which comes from the Lavandula angustifolia species of the lavender family, is a versatile essential oil obtained through steam distillation of the flowering tops of the plants. Although native to Europe and North Africa, today it can be found around the world, commonly grown in more temperate places. Thanks to the plant’s unique fragrance, it has long been used in the production of potpourri and perfumes, as well as in aromatherapy.

One of the earliest discoveries of lavender’s unique healing properties is believed to have occurred early in the 20th century by French chemist Rene Maurice. After burning his arm during an experiment, he put it in a jar of pure lavender oil by mistake; soon after, he was amazed at how quickly his skin healed and how little scarring was left.

Today, lavender oil is used for a variety of skin ailments and is commonly found in products designed to calm the mind and aid restful sleep.


How It Works

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which means it can help improve the health of the skin and scalp when used in hair and body products. When combined with other essential oils such as rosemary, thyme and cedarwood, there is strong evidence to suggest that lavender can aid in preventing and even reversing hair loss.

Lavender also contains a specific oil that may have sedating effects and can help relax tense muscles; making it an ideal massage oil as well as a great addition to muscle balms.


Common Concerns

When applied topically, there are no known concerns with using Lavender Oil. However, there is some evidence suggesting it should not be applied to the skin of prepubescent boys as it could disrupt normal hormone activity. There is no evidence to suggest the same with regards to young girls.


Quick Facts

Binomial Name: Lavandula Angustifolia
Common Name: Lavender Oil
Source: Flower of the Lavender plant
EWG Score: 1


Proven and Possible Benefits


Hair Loss Acne Perfume


Pain Canker Sores Sleeplessness Aromatherapy




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