How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer, Naturally

A lot of time and money goes into beautifully coloured hair. So of course, you want to help it last as long as possible.

And while eventually it will need to be touched up, we want to make sure it’s due to those pesky roots, and not a dulled look.

6 ways to help your hair colour last longer

Wait 2 days to shampoo

You’ve just left the salon and your hair looks fantastic, but the next day it might start to look a bit flat. We get it. But resist the urge to wash and style right away. The reason behind this is that it takes two full days for the cuticle of your hair to shut down. Waiting out these 48 hours will help trap colour in, ensuring it lasts longer with each subsequent wash.

Don’t over wash

Now, just because you waited those two days for your first post-colour wash doesn’t mean it’s okay to go back to shampooing daily. Hair dye will fade slightly with each wash. So it’s best to use as little shampoo as you can (really only a small dollop is needed with a quality product), and keep the washing to a minimum. We’re talking every other day – or better yet, every three days.

Avoid sulfates and other harsh ingredients

We’ve discussed how often to wash coloured hair, now it’s time to chat about the shampoo you’re using. Avoiding shampoos that contain sulfates is super important for helping hair colour last longer. This is key because sulfates dry hair out and dry hair doesn’t hold on to colour very well.

While you’re at it, choosing a shampoo that moisturizes and works with your hair’s natural oils is also important.

Protect your hair from UV exposure

If you really want to keep your colour shiny and vibrant, you’re going to want to invest in a hat or two, or a nice scarf. Actually, this holds true for all hair, not just colour treated locks. The reason is that the sun breaks down you hair’s protein (keratin) and prolonged exposure can lead to faded colour, dry and brittle hair, split ends, frizziness, and weakened hair overall.

How to make your hair colour last longer

Rinse after swimming

Sun, chlorine and salt can cause your colour to oxidize and fade rapidly. Especially when in combination with one another. So, if you love to hit up the pool or beach – and actually go in the water – rinsing out the salt and chlorine ASAP is a must to make your hair colour last longer. 

Keep it cool

While there’s nothing quite like a nice hot shower to start or end the day, if you want to protect your colour, a cool shower will have to do. You see, hot water opens the cuticle of the hair. And this releases the colour, sending it right on down the drain. Cooling down the temperature will help keep those cuticles closed, preventing water from entering the hair shaft and stripping away your colour.

Choosing the right shampoo for coloured hair

When it comes to taking care of coloured locks, do you need a shampoo specifically formulated for coloured hair?

Not necessarily.

A natural shampoo and conditioner can work wonders in colour treated hair thanks to their lack of harsh detergents. For example, while our true natural shampoo and conditioner won’t coat hair to retain colour longer – like some synthetic hair products will – they won’t strip it out either. But they will work to nourish and moisturize hair, providing key nutrients to keep your hair vibrant and healthy.

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