How to get beautiful, air-dried hair… naturally

Wish you could just step out of the shower, towel-dry your hair and it would air-dry on it’s own and still look, well, good? Me too. Instead, when I’m pressed for time or feeling lazy my wet hair simply gets thrown up and into a bun; which leaves me feeling less than spectacular.

Not to mention, it’s not very healthy for my hair.

You see, wet hair is much more prone to breakage and splitting than dry hair. Just take a look at your elastic once you remove it after a wet up-do day. See all those hairs wrapped around it? Point made.

So, although I know better, I need to do better. And I’ll start by following these tips.

4 tips for beautiful, air-dried hair… naturally.

Use a quality conditioner. No matter how you’re drying your hair, nourishment is key. But if you’re air-drying and trying to let it dry while down, you’re going to want your hair to dry fast. And guess what? Properly nourished hair actually dries faster because it isn’t trying to hold on to moisture from the air. Not only that, but a quality conditioner will strengthen and tame hair, without weighing it down.

Dry gently. Before you even think about putting a towel near your hair, wring out as much excess water as possible. Okay, now you can grab the towel, and do the same thing, gently! No harsh rubbing, and definitely no towel turban. Creating too much friction between your hair and the towel will lead to damage, split ends and frizz. However, if you absolutely need to speed up drying time or have really thick hair, you can use a microfiber fabric towel or a t-shirt to create a turban and help quicken the process with less damage.

Minimize washes. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday. It’s true, it doesn’t. I know it’s hard, but just give it a try. It’s like this, your hair’s natural oils (sebum) are there to protect your hair and scalp. Washing too frequently strips these oils away, and that causes your scalp to compensate and overproduce sebum. See how it becomes a vicious cycle? Optimally, hair should be washed about 3 times a week, max 4. If you can get away with 2, even better. Using a quality shampoo (like ours!) that works with your hair’s natural oils will make a big difference.

Work with your hair type. If you really want to achieve beautiful, air-dried hair, you’ve gotta work with your natural texture. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently remove knots, and apply appropriate products for your hair type such as anti-frizz oils, curl-defining gel, sea salt spray, etc. Don’t be afraid to use your hands to squish, twist, and encourage some volume. But don’t go over board either – too much touching will lead to frizz. Balance is essential. And go for the old school Velcro rollers if you want to create more volume.

Let us know if you have any other tips to get beautiful, air-dried hair!

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