The Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Beyond unconditional love, here are 5 ways having a pet can improve your life.

They are a constant companion, full of love, playfulness and snuggles. They can provide endless entertainment, and quickly find a way into our hearts.

Cat, dog, horse, rabbit, gerbil, no matter the type, a pet gives us so much more than unconditional love (as if that wasn’t enough!). Research has found many health benefits associated with having a pet.

What your pet can do for you

They’re good for your heart. Much research has been done on the heart-health of people with pets, and the findings all show a positive correlation. Pets can decrease a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This ultimately reduces the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. And if you’ve already had a heart attack, research suggests having a dog or cat aids the recovery process.

Reduce stress and improve your mood. It is amazing how excited our pets are to see us. Whenever my family comes in the door we are greeted by two incredibly happy golden retrievers. How could that not be an instant mood boost? Their outrageous happiness at your presence aside, pets have an uncanny ability to soothe and calm us. Petting them is a proven relaxant, and can cut down on levels of stress hormones. In turn, this improves your mood.

Keep you active. Walking, riding, chasing, finding, lifting, carrying, petting, wrangling… they get you moving all right. No matter the type of pet, size or temperament, pets encourage us to get up, move about and live a more active lifestyle.

Ease pain. Studies have found that those with chronic pain or who are recovering from a serious injury or surgery, needed significantly less pain medication when some form of pet therapy was involved.

Improve your social life. Pets get you out of the house and are an instant conversation starter. wherever you are, out and about or online, they bring you into a whole new community, where new members are always welcome. Even if the conversations only stay about your pet, face-to-face socialization is just good for the soul.

What you can do for your pet

Treat them well, spend time with them, show them the love and attention they deserve. And do your best to provide your pet with things that are good for their health and well-being.

Feed them natural foods and treats.

Give them the exercise that they require.

Stimulate their minds by teaching them tricks and playing games.

Use natural products whenever you can.

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