Growing and Using Your Own Aloe Vera

We absolutely LOVE aloe – it has so many uses and so many benefits. Here’s what you need to know to care for and use this amazing plant.

Often associated with providing relief for sunburns and cuts, aloe vera also does so much more. This resilient plant looks cactus-like but is actually part of the lily family, and is full of healthy components including a multitude of vitamins, 20 amino acids, several minerals, and a gel that has an abundance of healing benefits. It’s no wonder it has been used for centuries!

Having your own aloe plant at home can be very handy. As a bonus it will also help purify the air. And you don’t really need much of a green thumb to take care of it either.

Caring for and harvesting your aloe vera plant:

Aloe Vera plantGeneral Care

Plant in wide containers using a well-draining potting soil.

Place indoor plants in direct sunlight or artificial light. It is best if the plant receives 6 to 8 hours of sun.

Water the plant so that the soil is fully drenched, but do not water again until the soil is completely dried out. Water less in the winter.


A leaf is usually ready to harvest when the leaves attain a rosy tinge.

Choose a leaf to cut that is thick; avoid removing the lower smaller leaves.

Do not take too many leaves at a time because the plant is slow growing.

The leaves that contain the most gel and are the best tasting typically are free of any blemishes.

Yellow sap (aloin) can be very bitter and can cause an upset stomach.  After using a sharp knife to cut the leaf from the plant let the yellow sap run out of the leaf.

For gel use, simply squeeze the leaf and apply the juicy sap directly on the intended area.

If using the leaf for its nutritional benefits be sure to fillet the outside of the leaf until the translucent flesh is exposed.

Aloe vera is an incredibly easy plant to maintain and adds a nice touch to any room. We love that it has so many different uses and that growing it means it is always there when you need it. However, with all these amazing benefits, you may need a LOT of aloe plants for all your needs.

Aloe Vera

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