Going Natural for Your Pet

Pets are, for a large part, the most spoiled members of the family…and they deserve to be. They love us unconditionally, provide hours of entertainment, and research shows they de-stress us and can lower blood pressure.  We love them to pieces and want nothing but the best for them. And as concerns rise over various chemicals and the toxicity of many products, it’s no wonder people are turning to natural alternatives for their pets as well as themselves.


Seeing as though many pets have sensitive skin and develop skin irritations quite easily, as well as no voice to tell us what is bothering them, we need to be proactive when it comes to their care. Making the switch to natural foods and treats is a great place to start because they are free of artificial colours, flavour enhancers, synthetic additives and pesticides which weaken your pet’s immune system and makes them more susceptible to skin infections. Further, superior sources of grains and proteins without the artificial substances make the food more digestible. Since organic foods are naturally more nutritious, there will likely be the added benefit of your pet eating less; making the food and your dollars stretch further.

While going natural with your pets’ food is a great place to start, there are many other ways to provide your pet with the benefits of natural living. From dermatitis to allergic reactions, cracked paw pads, hot spots and ringworm, to arthritis, insect bites and stings, as well as cuts and sores; these can all be treated naturally. Plant based products have been in use for thousands of years and their track record is proven. But beyond that, natural ingredients come with benefits that reach far beyond their initial intention. For example, most people recognize aloe vera as a soothing gel that helps heal sunburns and skin irritations. But did you know that its enzymes also help relieve the pain of injuries and arthritis, and provide mild anesthetic, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties? So if your pet has a skin irritation, the aloe vera will not only provide relief but will also work to treat the irritation.


Pet parents who have made the switch to natural food and other products agree their pets seem happier and healthier with the change. From increased energy levels to the disappearance of rashes, healthier-looking coats and fewer joint problems. And last but certainly not least, they note that most all-natural products are not tested on animals. So your pet is not benefiting from tests that may have harmed another animal.

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