Why our Conditioner Bars don’t lather like the Shampoo Bars

If you’ve used our true natural solid shampoo bars, you’ve likely seen first hand the amazing lather they give. Which may lead you to wonder where the lather’s at with the conditioner bars. They’re so different than the shampoo, what gives?!

It’s a valid question. And one we’re more than happy to address.

The answer mainly comes down to the products having two different jobs. Shampoos are detergents and their purpose is to break down dirt and oils from the hair and scalp and wash them away. This is done through the use of surfactants (which can be synthetically or naturally derived). Surfactants create the lather and are how the shampoo is able to do its job.

Whereas a conditioner’s job is to moisturize by adding oils and nutrients to your hair.

And while conditioners do in fact have some surfactants in them (usually a different type of surfactant though, ones that make the product easier to spread but not enough to prevent it from doing its job), it is not enough to create any kind of real lather.

Bottom line, if conditioner bars lathered up like shampoo bars, the product would wash away before the conditioner was able to, well, condition.

Now, you may be thinking that liquid conditioners apply really easily. And you’d be right, they do. But that’s because they’re mostly liquid!

How to use our Solid Conditioner Bars: 3 Steps to Stronger, Softer Hair

Be careful not to over apply. The conditioner bars don’t have much lather and work best when rubbed directly over the hair. It may not feel like there is a lot of product there, but only a little is needed for great results.

Give the conditioner time to do its job. Allowing the conditioner to moisturize and nurture your hair for 1-2 minutes is key.

Once your hair is conditioned, fully rinse the conditioner away. Any conditioner not fully rinsed away can cause residue build up.


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