Keeping Your Lips Smooth and Hydrated this Winter

Going from the warm, dry air inside to the cold and wind outside can wreak havoc on your lips.

The temperature is dropping, the wind is picking up, and we are piling on layers upon layers of clothes to get warm, not to mention slathering moisturizers over our hands and faces to keep exposed skin from becoming cracked and dry. But after all this prep, are you still venturing out into winter wonderlands with naked lips?

beautiful red lipsThe lips are predisposed to be the driest spot on not only your face but entire body due to their exceptionally thin layer of skin and the fact that they don’t produce their own natural oils. To keep lips hydrated and prevent irritations most of us need the help of lip balm. But not all balms are created equal; many come with irritating and drying ingredients, or are formulated using mostly wax. It is important to look for a lip balm that is blended with waxes and oils as well as contain proven emollients and antioxidants so that they can properly nourish, hydrate and repair your lips.

Ingredients to look for and why

Sunflower Oil and Hemp Seed Oil: offer long lasting effects by allowing the lips to absorb the oil and treat dryness beneath the surface.

Aloe Vera Oil: used to hydrate dry and dull lips, provide protection from sun damage and promote the healing of blisters.

Witch Hazel Extract: beneficial in healing cracked and blistered lips and can speed the healing of cold sores when applied several times a day.

Rosemary Extract:
 has antioxidant properties that stimulate cell renewal and promote healthy looking lips.

Rosemary Oil

Vitamin E: works to protect, nourish and hydrate lips throughout the day and assists in repairing any damage once the day is done.

6 tips to avoid dry, cracked lips

Whether you need to soothe and heal or want to avoid a painful situation, these tips will help!

1. Whenever possible, shield your lips from the elements. Pull your coat up over your mouth or cover them with a scarf to block against the cold, wind, rain or snow.

2. Use a lip balm that contains extra moisturizing properties. Our all-natural lip balms contain both beeswax and vitamin E which will give your lips all the hydration they need.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We cannot express enough how important it is to drink lots of water.

4. This one is easier said than done but try your best not to lick your lips. The short period of relief you will get from this is not worth the long term pain, and possible bleeding and infection that can result from severely cracked lips.

5. Do not pick at the flakes that develop and contrary to what you may read online, exfoliating will not help when lips are damaged. In fact, it can make them worse.

6. Be prepared by storing lip balms in different places such as various coats and purses, the car, at work and around the house so that you have quick, easy access to a balm when you need it.Lip-Balm-Line-Up

We hope you find these tips helpful and make it through the winter with smooth, hydrated, healthy lips!

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