Coffee Alternatives: 5 Substitutes Worth Trying

You can have too much of a good thing… even when it comes to coffee. Not surprisingly, many of us may be over-indulging in this wonderful, tasty, aromatic, energy-boosting beverage (I’m one of those people if you couldn’t tell). And, well, maybe it’s time to give something else a try. Like the following coffee alternatives.

If you’re like me, you may be thinking WHY? Coffee is good for you. And that’s true, it does have many benefits including boosting brain health and increasing life span (amazing!). BUT. It also causes that dreaded caffeine crash and can increase blood pressure among other negatives.

So we’re not necessarily talking about replacing coffee entirely here. Instead, let’s look at it as broadening our horizons and giving our bodies a bit more variety with the healthy beverages we choose.

Whether you love coffee or wish you did (aka don’t like the taste but need the energy boost) here are some healthy coffee alternatives that’ll also help you avoid that 3 p.m. crash.


Tea is a fantastic substitute for coffee. It’s warm, soothing, and comes in caffeinated and decaffeinated options. There are also so. Many. Flavours! If you’re looking for more of a coffee substitute, you might want to try a chicory root tea which offers a coffee-like taste. But for simple alternatives, any type of tea will do. Remember though, herbal blends aren’t caffeinated, but they can help trigger a second wind.

Lemon Water

Cold or hot, lemon water is a great way to revitalize and recharge. Not only will it help keep you hydrated (which is important for boosting energy levels), other benefits of this drink include weight management, immune function, and aiding digestion. Pro tip, in addition to squeezing fresh lemon into your water, add a little of the zest too.


While this fizzy drink doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, it does offer the benefits of L-theanine working along with caffeine to give you a gentler caffeine boost (no jitters!). It’s made of green or black tea, yeast and bacteria, and offers other good-for-you benefits like weight loss and gut health thanks to its probiotic bacteria.


Smoothies are a fantastic way to get extra fruits and veggies into your diet. And the combination of healthy, filling ingredients and protein will definitely help kick-start your day (or pick you up from a 3 p.m. slump). Be sure to include a carbohydrate, source of fiber, antioxidants and protein. If you’re looking for some yummy, healthy recipes, we’ve got 5 here you should try!

Hot Apple Cider

When it comes to coffee alternatives I’m sure this one is often overlooked. But hot apple cider delivers a soothing warmth that’s just as satisfying on a cold fall or winter day. Its naturally sweet and tangy, and is sure to offer a mood and energy boost.


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