Do Shampoo Bars Work? Common questions, answered

Solid shampoos are increasing in popularity and availability for many reasons: they’re plastic free, can last longer than liquid shampoos and are convenient for travel.

But, you may still be wondering… do shampoo bars work?

And not only do they work, do they work as well as liquids? Will they work with your hair type? How about on colour treated hair?

These are legitimate questions, and we are more than happy to address them! Let’s start back at the beginning.

do shampoo bars work

Do Shampoo Bars Work?

While it is quite clear that shampoo bars are more eco-friendly (no plastic packaging!), can they actually clean your hair as effectively?

The short answer is YES… but they need to be properly formulated. You’ll want to look for solid shampoo bars that are made with surfactants which are cleansing agents. They combine with oil and dirt on the scalp and hair and rinse away clean. We use a natural, coconut-based surfactant: Sodium Coco-Sulfate.

If the first ingredient you see is some kind of fat, i.e. oil, butter or glycerin, the bar is likely just soap. This is important to note, because these bars likely won’t work as expected and will often leave a residue or waxy buildup.

Do They Work as Well as Liquids?

Again, this depends on the ingredients and formulation. While soap-based shampoo bars can clean your hair, you may have to take additional steps to remove any residue they leave behind, such as rinsing with apple cider vinegar. Whereas a true shampoo bar, formulated with a surfactant and other hair-loving oils, will offer the same great results that you’re used to with a liquid shampoo.

Essentially, a true shampoo bar has everything that you’d find in a traditional bottle just without the water. With a solid shampoo, you’re getting a super concentrated version of ‘the good stuff’ i.e. hair-loving ingredients. And because these bars are concentrated, you’ll get many more washes from a bar than a bottle.

To answer this question simply: YES, a true shampoo bar can work just as well as (or maybe even better than) your liquid shampoo.

Will They Work with My Hair Type?

Another YES! As with liquid shampoos, solid shampoo bars are available in various formulas for dry hair, oily hair, volume, etc.

Simply wet your hair, lather up the bar and massage into the scalp. You can then let the shampoo run down over your hair, cleansing as it goes. Whether your hair is short, long, thin, thick, curly or straight, as long as you choose the right formula for your hair type, it will work for you. Plus, our True Natural Shampoo Bars can absolutely be used on colour treated hair 🙂

When it comes to shampoo bars, there’s no more compromising. You can have a quality shampoo that leaves you with luscious locks, while going natural AND plastic free.


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