Nature’s Aid Natural Skin Gel – First Aid Uses

Nature’s Aid skin gel is a fast, safe and effective natural first aid treatment.

With high levels of anti-oxidants and antibacterial properties, as well as containing anti-itching and mild anesthetic benefits, this gel is ideal to promote healing and ward off infection for a wide variety of issues; from allergic reactions to cuts and scrapes, sunburns and frostbite, insect bites and stings, to burns, swelling and inflammation, and even as a pain reliever for various injuries.

Our natural ingredients soothe damaged skin, reduce swelling and can help stop minor bleeding. All you need to do is clean the area, apply a sufficient amount of gel to the affected area and let it absorb in to the wound, burn or irritation.

All of our core ingredients work together to offer great first aid benefits, however, the Tea Tree gives it an extra boost for a few reasons. First of all, germs never acquire a resistance to tea tree oil, making it effective at treating conditions such as athlete’s foot and nail infections. Further, its pain relieving and wound healing qualities penetrate all the way to the lower layers of skin to aid the healing process and diminish the likelihood of scarring.

Our 25ml bottle is the ideal size to carry with you on hikes, when out on the water or in the snow, or any other time you are doing an activity that may require some sort of first aid treatment. It is small, light and effective.

Abrasions Allergic plant reactions (e.g. Poison Ivy) Allergic skin reactions  Arthritis  Bed sores  Bruises Cuts and scrapes  Edema  Frostbite Gout  Hematoma  Insect bites and stings  Mild to moderate burns  Rashes  Reduce the appearance of scars Relieve aches and pains Skin ulcers Stops minor bleeding Sunburns Swelling and inflammation Tendonitis And so much more

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