All About Comfrey

Allantoin, one of the basic ingredients in Nature’s Aid products is derived from comfrey. Allantoin has outstanding healing properties, making it useful to treat various skin conditions including diaper rash, sunburn, windburn, and psoriasis. It is also said to be helpful when applied to sores to speed up the healing process because it stimulates new cell growth.

Purple comfrey plant up close

The comfrey plant, a prized and cherished member of the herbal and medicinal plant family, has been used for hundreds of years to heal sprains and bruises. Rich in vitamins and minerals including iron, selenium, Vitamin C, B and A, comfrey is also a good source of protein. As an external remedy, comfrey is an astringent, expectorant, and emollient. It has properties which make your skin softer and it is esteemed for healing injuries. Fresh comfrey leaves can be made into a poultice which you can place over sprains and bruises to reduce swelling. It acts as a disinfectant and pain reliever for scrapes and cuts and has an antibacterial quality. Comfrey has also been used to treat burns, heal broken bones, and help wounded skin to heal.

Nature’s Aid is proud to offer products with all natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. You can learn more about comfrey and how to grow it at home in your own organic garden at Mother Earth News.

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Comfrey plant in bundle with mortar and pestle

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