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Nature’s beauty is a wonderful thing, and whether it is across Canada or around the world. From coast to coast, we review some of Canada’s most popular cities and attractions, with a special focus on the nature related activities. We also take a look at some of the best Nature destinations around the world. Check out this blog for great travel tip beyond just remembering to pack your Nature’s Aid (which we always recommend). How to make your holidays more environmentally conscious, tips for caring for your skin on the go, and so much more.

Banff National Park over looking lake. Hotel in corner. Rainbow over top.

Prepare Your Skin for the Sun with these 4 Tips

Whether you’re taking off on a sunny vacay or simply looking forward to enjoying the warm spring air (which is hopefully just around the corner), you need to prepare your skin before soaking up the sun. For months now your skin has been covered, protecting it from the sun and the elements. Its been enveloped

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Travel Essentials: Why our skin gel should make your list

No matter if you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, there are certain travel essentials you don’t leave home without. So before you pack a first aid ointment, regular ol’ aloe gel, toner, moisturizer, and something to control those flyaway hairs, read this! Our skin gel can replace all those extra bottles and containers in

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Canada’s Best Travel Destinations #2 Prince Edward Island

West Point Lighthouse at Sunset (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Don’t forget your Nature’s Aid when heading to Prince Edward Island Enjoy the rugged coastline and spray of the ocean air with a summer visit to Prince Edward Island. Tracing its roots to the many cultures of the world, including First Nations, France, England, Ireland and Scotland, PEI is the scenic home of unique cultural

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Canada’s Best Travel Destinations #4 Montreal, Quebec

If you have never visited French Canada, this summer might be the perfect time to enjoy Montreal, home of the 1967 World’s Fair. Take time to visit the Montreal Biosphere, an environmental museum housed in the former American Pavillion built for Expo 67. You can brush up on your French and become a Montreal foodie

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Canada’s Best Travel Destinations: Victoria, Vancouver Island

A view of Victoria's Waterfront and buildings

Canada’s very own Island Paradise On your way to Victoria this summer, stop at Butchart Gardens an internationally renowned Canadian historic site located on Vancouver Island. Originally commissioned as a Japanese garden by Robert Pim Butchart and his wife Jennie, the Butchart family continued to expand and elaborate their gardens with Italian and other international

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Don’t Leave Home Without Your Nature’s Aid – Aloe vera travel kit

Did you know that Nature’s Aid Aloe vera gel now comes in four sizes? The 25ml/.88 ounce and 125ml/4.39 ounce sizes are the perfect fit for a weekend trip or to tuck into your luggage for a longer vacation. Pack a few bottles along with our new Lip Balm to be sure you are never

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We’ve Moved! Visit Us At Historic Niagara-on-the-Lake

We’ve moved! Our Sudbury headquarters have now found a new home in the historic Victorian town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario – a cherished and picturesque tourist town enjoyed by young and old alike. The surrounding region, known for its mild climate, rich soils, fruit production, and wineries is a major cultural centre adorned with beautiful gardens, art

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