Nature’s Aid Skin Gel

Treating Bee and Wasp Stings, Naturally

We are wired to know that bee and wasp stings hurt, but until you’ve actually had one, you have no idea just how painful they truly are. I had my very first wasp sting recently and being new to this experience, I didn’t really know what to do other than put ice on it but

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Natural Skin Gel Uses for Babies and New Moms

If you are a new mom, you are certainly checking labels of products to ensure that your baby receives only the best and safest products for their new, delicate skin. What may surprise you is just how many preservatives and chemicals are present, even in baby products, which is quite shocking. You want your baby

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Tea Tree Oil & Eczema: A Match Made For Your Skin

Women in pink shirt with skin irritation

Scratchy, itchy, dry, inflamed… and tingly?  We get it, the last thing you want is tingly skin to go with the sensations your skin is already experiencing, but there is something good within the tickling sensations of Tea Tree Oil! It’s a natural side-effect and eventually your skin will build up a tolerance to it

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