Natural Chemistry

When it comes to natural personal care products, the focus tends to be on the natural. However, producing quality care products involves thoughtful science and an understanding of ingredients and their function. When developing products, we take great care to ensure the ingredient we use are the very best options for your skin and your health. Sometimes this involves ingredients some with which consumers may have questions or concerns. However, every ingredient we select are chosen because they are the very best to make our products safe and usable. Blogs in this section review these ingredients, the production process and other topics related to the science of natural product development.

Why we changed the label

Dear Valued Customers, Many of you have noticed our new label which includes additional ingredients on the label. While most of you have responded positively to this change, we realize there has still been some confusion and want to take this opportunity to clear things up. First of all, please be assured that the Nature’s

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Fact vs Fiction: Phenoxyethanol

The word FACTS printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lights.

Phenoxyethanol – What is it? What does it do? Is it toxic? Is it safe? You want answers and Nature’s Aid wants to give them to you. We don’t want to sugar coat anything. There have been concerns about phenoxyethanol and since it is a supporting ingredient in our skin gel, we want to address

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All About Comfrey

Purple comfrey plant up close

Allantoin, one of the basic ingredients in Nature’s Aid products is derived from comfrey. Allantoin has outstanding healing properties, making it useful to treat various skin conditions including diaper rash, sunburn, windburn, and psoriasis. It is also said to be helpful when applied to sores to speed up the healing process because it stimulates new

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