Canada’s Best Travel Destinations #2 Prince Edward Island

Don’t forget your Nature’s Aid when heading to Prince Edward Island

Enjoy the rugged coastline and spray of the ocean air with a summer visit to Prince Edward Island. Tracing its roots to the many cultures of the world, including First Nations, France, England, Ireland and Scotland, PEI is the scenic home of unique cultural events throughout the year.

Residents are proud of Canada’s smallest province and you will delight in the beautiful beaches, outdoor fishing expeditions, marine adventures, and water sports.

If your passion is sailing, Prince Edward Island is the place for you! You can enjoy visiting with the seals and other native sea animals on your trip! Check out Saga Sailing for more information. Bright sun and ocean breezes can be hard on delicate skin and lips. So don’t forget the Nature’s Aid, your best Canadian travel companion for windburn, sunburn, and other travel challenges. When it comes to travel protection choose Nature’s Aid! Available in four convenient sizes for all of your travel needs.

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