The Many Reasons You Need Nature’s Aid Skin Gel this Winter

Why the cooler seasons are a great time to use Nature’s Aid Skin Gel. People often think of Nature’s Aid skin gel as a spring and summer product and we can understand why – with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E it is great for taking the irritation out of bug bites

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Braving the Cold: 5 Reasons to Get Outside this Winter

The cold is no excuse to hibernate. Here’s why you should get going and enjoy the great outdoors. Up the Exercise. If you are active outdoors the rest of the year but take winter “off” you are missing out. This is because the cold weather makes your body work harder to warm itself so activities

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Improve Your Mood Naturally With These 10 Tips

It’s a dreary time of year, all cold and grey. It’s hard to get motivated to get out of the house. But staying cooped up isn’t doing much for you either. If you’ve got the Winter Blues, you’re going to want to improve your mood.   Feeling stressed, run-down or blue? These tips will give

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Winter Hair Care: 5 tips to keep your hair hydrated and healthy

The cold, the wind, the snow and freezing rain… none of these are good for your hair. The good news is, with 5 simple tips, you can avoid months of ‘bad hair days’. 1. Visit a stylist for a winter cut. Not only will this get rid of any split ends and help promote healthy

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Face Masks and Your Skin: Solving Common Issues

mask skin issues

From dealing with maskne to dryness and even chafing behind those ears, here are a few tips to get you through another cold, Covid winter. Face masks and your skin There are a lot of comfortable masks out there. But prolonged use or having extra sensitive skin can lead to itchiness, irritation or a rash.

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Top 10 Reasons to Get Outside this Fall (That have nothing to do with losing weight or exercise)

Couple Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

They say walking down a tree lined street is the equivalent to feeling seven years younger or making an extra $10,000 a year. And we can understand why. After all, there is no mistaking the calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience of simply being outdoors, surrounded by nature. The autumn months always seem to draw people

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Do Shampoo Bars Work? Common questions, answered

do shampoo bars work

Solid shampoos are increasing in popularity and availability for many reasons: they’re plastic free, can last longer than liquid shampoos and are convenient for travel. But, you may still be wondering… do shampoo bars work? And not only do they work, do they work as well as liquids? Will they work with your hair type?

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Our Eco Initiatives

More and more consumers are not only looking for natural products, they also want to know that the companies they’re supporting are doing their part for the planet as well. So along with creating true natural products, we wanted to share what we’re doing to keep our company green. After all, we all deserve amazing

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Face Mask Benefits & Your Skin Care Routine

Face Mask Benefits

When it comes to your skin care routine, face masks may not be necessary, but they’re certainly beneficial. The right face mask can hydrate skin, remove excess oils or help improve the appearance of pores. Which is definitely worth 10-20 minutes of your time once or twice a week. Plus, a little self-pampering goes a

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Why our Conditioner Bars don’t lather like the Shampoo Bars

If you’ve used our true natural solid shampoo bars, you’ve likely seen first hand the amazing lather they give. Which may lead you to wonder where the lather’s at with the conditioner bars. They’re so different than the shampoo, what gives?! It’s a valid question. And one we’re more than happy to address. The answer

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