Beyond the Gel

5 quick and easy recipes for great skin using our all natural gel

In a previous blog we talked about our 5 core ingredients and how they worked together to provide such an effective, multi-purpose skin gel. Now, we are highlighting how you can take our gel and create even more uses with it!

Face Wash:

This gentle face wash is excellent for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or breakouts.

Mix 1 Tbsp. Nature’s Aid skin gel with 1 tsp almond milk and 1 tsp lemon juice.

Rinse your face and apply mixture, massaging it into the skin.

Wait 1-2 minutes and then use a warm, damp washcloth to gently wipe it away.

Anti-Aging Gel:

Coconut with jars of coconut oil and cosmetic creamOur all natural skin gel contains many great anti-aging properties, and when combined with coconut oil, the results are heightened.

Mix 1 Tbsp. Nature’s Aid with 1 tsp 100% raw, organic coconut oil.

Massage into hands, face or neck until the contents are warm.

Use a warm, damp wash cloth to gently remove the mixture.

Extra Moisture:

Although aloe vera is a great moisturizer, Nature’s Aid is a water-based product and as such is considered a light moisturizer. For those with extra dry skin or looking to up their moisture game, try this simple concoction.

Mix ¼ part oil with ¾ part skin gel.

Massage into hands, arms and legs.

Almond oil has a great smell but even olive oil from the kitchen will offer great results. Remember to keep the mixture small as the gel will only last a few days with this mixture.

Nature’s Aid Body Scrub:

Brown sugar in spoon on brown wooden backgroundGet rid of dead skin cells and bring forth fresh, smooth skin with this body scrub.

Mix ½ cup Nature’s Aid with brown sugar or baking soda to get a gritty, but not sharp, texture. Add the brown sugar or baking soda a little bit at a time to ensure you get just the right amount.

Rub the mixture over your elbows, heels, arms and legs in the shower and rinse clean.

Hand Sanitizer:

This natural hand sanitizer won’t dry out your skin.

Mix ½ cup Nature’s Aid skin gel with ¼ cup alcohol and 20 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Transfer mixture into a spritz bottle.

When needed, spritz hands and rub together. The alcohol will fight germs while the skin gel moisturizes and the essential oil offers a nice, light fragrance.


If you have other skin-benefiting recipes that include our gel, we want to hear about them! Leave a comment with your Nature’s Aid skin gel recipe and it may get featured in a future post.

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