Nature’s Aid Skin Gel – Baby Care Uses

When it comes to baby’s soft, delicate skin, you want to use products that are equally soft and delicate. The caveat is, they also have to work.

Nature’s Aid skin gel contains all natural ingredients that make it the perfect product for baby’s sensitive skin. From the soothing properties of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to the healing and restorative capabilities of Witch Hazel and Tea Tree, and the relaxing ability of Rosemary; this gel has some remarkable functions.

A must have for irritations such as dry skin, diaper rash and cradle cap, to first aid requirements such as mosquito bites, cuts and scratches; this gel works to reduce discomfort and restores the skin to a healthy condition. It can also be used as an after bath lotion in place of other moisturizers and oils that may contain harsh ingredients.

With a gentle and comforting feel, this gel goes on easily and absorbs quickly; making it fast acting and effective. An additional benefit is you only need this one product for much of your everyday baby needs (bath, diaper, moisturizer, antibacterial, etc.), making the diaper bag a whole lot easier to pack and carry.

Every ingredient in Nature’s Aid skin gel is listed on the label and all ingredients come with great ratings from the Environmental Working Group. Using our products, you will always know exactly what is going on, and being absorbed by, your infant’s skin.

· Cradle cap
· Diaper rash
· Dry and sensitive skin
· Soothing moisturizer
· And so much more

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