Why Athletes Love Nature’s Aid Skin Gel

The perfect workout companion for all athletes.

Whether an Olympic skier, ice hockey champion, marathon runner, competition swimmer, or hiking and biking enthusiast, Nature’s Aid Aloe vera gel is the perfect workout and competition companion for all athletes. Effective for sunburn, windburn, chapped skin, as well as overheated skin, the new 25ml/.88ounce and 125ml/ 4.39-ounce sizes, are a perfect fit for your gear bag, waist pack and gym locker. Nature’s Aid Aloe vera gel helps to keep your skin hydrated – essential for long hours of athletic performance.

Nature’s Aid antibacterial/antifungal properties can help combat Athlete’s Foot. Also recommended for sport’s injuries to heal scrapes, bruises, and burns you’ll want to keep Nature’s Aid on hand for it’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Swelling, soreness, and fungal infections are just a few of the sports ailments that can be remedied with Nature’s Aid.

So whether you are a race car driver, Olympic champion, professional gymnast, or everyday exercise enthusiast, when it’s time to perform, don’t forget your Nature’s Aid. In four convenient sizes.


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