Aid Yourself by Understanding Nature

by Valrie Blair, Anatomic Health

Did you know that our feet and hands give us access to all the parts of our body through the nerve endings they hold?

Close-up of female hands doing foot massage

If we were walking over different surfaces and working with our hands everyday as nature intended, we would naturally reset any imbalance within our bodies. This is because the nerve endings located on the toes of our feet, and the thumbs and fingers of our hands, correlate to the eyes, nose, brain, head and neck. They can also be used to reach everything therein, including the nerves, bones and muscles.

Supplied with this information, can you see new ways of using Nature’s Aid?

Learning the places on the hands and feet that directly connect with areas in need gives us another way of getting to them. After all, we don’t always have someone at the ready to apply this amazing product to our neck and back. If you can reach your hands and the bottle of Nature’s Aid, you have it made!

Pain in the joints of the hands. Care of female hands.

Use the map below to find the places on your hands and feet that correlate with the body part in need and try it for yourself. Simply massage Nature’s Aid into this area until the product is dry, then reapply and let sit until it has been fully absorbed

Pressure Point Map of hands

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