About Nature’s Aid; a natural skin care company


Caring for your skin, naturally

Nature’s Aid is a family-owned, Canadian-based, natural skin care company, committed to providing our customers with exceptional, effective, natural products. We believe that honesty, transparency, integrity and open communication are an essential part of business and we strive to give not only our customers, but every single stakeholder from employees to communities to nature, the best we have to offer.

Our story began with a passion for natural healing ointments and the love one woman had for her horses. The founder of Nature’s Aid skin gel was looking for a product to treat her horses’ sores and skin issues but couldn’t find one that was both natural and effective; so she created her own.

The resulting gel worked not only for horses, but people too. Further, it had many uses both medicinal and cosmetic. Nature’s Aid was born.

After years of growth and a change in ownership, the Nature’s Aid brand has expanded to include a line of all-natural lip balms with new products on the horizon.

Whether you are trying to help treat a specific issue or simply want to promote beautiful, healthy-looking skin, our goal is to be your brand of choice. At Nature’s Aid, we understand the attention and care you give to your body, that’s why we keep the health and appearance of your skin in mind with every product we create.

All of our products are formulated to maximize the beneficial properties of our five core natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, and Rosemary. These ingredients are of great importance to us because of their multitude of healing, nurturing and restorative properties that are beneficial and effective, while gentle and soothing, for every member of the family; from the adults to children, infants and even your pets.

Our unique blend of our five key ingredients is what makes us a quality natural skin care company