A Day with Nature’s Aid Skin Gel

I received my first bottle of Nature’s Aid skin gel about a month ago. As with most things, when you get something new you struggle between ‘I can’t wait to try this’ and ‘I don’t want to use it all up’ (or maybe that’s just me). Either way, I started slow with my new skin gel. I’d heard of all its different benefits, the numerous uses it has, but couldn’t make up my mind how to use it on myself. So I started slowly, using it only as a facial toner.


After just two days there was a remarkable difference in my skin. It had a glow, my pores were almost eliminated and my face just looked and felt healthier. I was hooked; I was also ready to start seeing what this gel could really do.

What I’ve found with this gel is the more you use it, the more you find other uses for it, and the more you love it. For me, the day now starts and ends with Nature’s Aid skin gel, with it seeing a lot of action in between as well. Having a family with two young children and two golden retrievers, we are constantly presented with reasons to be using this gel.

Now, a month after first trying it out, this is what a typical day looks like for us:

After my morning shower, I apply the skin gel over my face as a toner and moisturizer, use it as an after-shave gel, and it has become my deodorant. I also mix a quarter part coconut oil with three-quarter parts skin gel, and apply this as an extra strength moisturizer for my legs, hands and arms.

My husband has even started using it every morning as a moisturizer (this is a man who has never used a moisturizer of any kind in the past) because it is so light and non-greasy.

Image of two golden retrievers

Once the kids are off to nursery school, I take ‘the boys’ (aka our golden retrievers – they are never referred to as dogs) for a walk through the trails. When we get home, I notice a few mosquito bites and break out the Nature’s Aid which takes away the itch pretty much instantaneously. While giving the boys some love and attention, I find that Rudy has developed a hot spot on his leg, so on goes some Nature’s Aid for Pets skin gel.

In the afternoon I like to get the kids out to the splash pad or playground. I pack up the bag with snacks, towels, changes of clothes and Nature’s Aid. The gel comes in handy when my son gets blisters on his feet from the combination of the water and his new sandals.

Later at home, the kids play as I get dinner ready; I love the sound of their laughter while they make up some new adventure game. Being preschoolers though, it isn’t long before they get a little too silly and my daughter comes running over with a cut on her finger. Out comes the gel.

Before bed, I use the skin gel again as a toner, add extra around my eyes and mouth for its anti-aging properties, as an after-sun hydrating gel for my neck, chest and arms, and rub it into the stretch marks on my thighs.

This is just a typical day for us with Nature’s Aid; on other days we use it even more to take care of diaper rashes, wasp stings, ring worm, ingrown hairs, dry scalp and breakouts. And with all I have been using it, there is still lots left in the bottle. I’m sure as the days go on, we will discover even more ways to love Nature’s Aid.

Family photo outside with parents and two young kids, plus their dog

Contributing writer and friend, Christine from www.writtenbychristine.com

So from our family to yours, Nature’s Aid, THANK YOU!

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