6 Simple Habits for Naturally Healthy Hair

Shiny, strong, healthy looking hair is easy to achieve with this hair care routine.

Brush it every morning.

You overslept, are in a rush and the easy thing to do is pull your hair up and back. But before you do that, you should really take a minute to gently brush it. This is important to keep those tangles at bay, but there is another reason not to miss this step. We all know that our scalp produces natural oils to help keep our hair shiny and healthy. Well, brushing helps to distribute these oils evenly throughout your hair. For best results use a soft-bristled brush, and be sure not to tug.

Pamper hair in the evening.

Before bed, spend a few minutes prepping your hair for the next day. It should be brushed again to get rid of any tangles from the day. Take your time, pamper it, and be gentle; pulling and yanking with the brush can break the hair. Once you’re done, long hair should be put into a loose, high ponytail or bun to prevent any damage or pulling while you sleep. This can also help keep the volume in your hair so you don’t wake with bed head.

Wash it right.

Before washing make sure that hair is brushed and all tangles are removed. For best results, shampoo your scalp, letting the suds trickle down to the rest of your hair while rinsing off (you’ll notice you need less shampoo this way). But, condition from mid-hair to the ends, using a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner evenly. If you have a dry, itchy scalp you can massage some conditioner into the roots, just make sure that it won’t weigh down your hair. And remember, hair can be rinsed every day but doesn’t need to be washed. Washing the hair only needs to be done every few days.

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Go au naturale.

Just like us, our hair needs a break. After all, it deals with a whole lot of stress on a regular basis too. From hot styling products, heat and humidity, to tight hair elastics, bands and clips, sometimes your hair just needs to be itself. So give it a rest every once in a while. Let it air dry naturally and leave it down, or at least loosely pulled back. This will help it recuperate and avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft.

Keep it cool.

This starts in the shower. We all know that a steaming hot shower feels sooo good, but it is not good for your hair, or your skin. Using too hot water gets rid of the hair’s natural oils, drying hair out faster than warm water does. And if you can, give hair a final rinse with cool water before getting out.

Continuing with the cool theme, if you need to blow dry, go easy on your hair by using a cooler setting and lower velocity. It will take a bit longer but will be more beneficial over the long run.

Don’t forget the scalp.

If you have dry, flaky skin or dandruff, scalp care is extremely important. But even if you don’t, it is a step you shouldn’t skip. After all, the scalp is the root cause of hair greatness or problematic issues. The scalp is responsible for maintaining the health of your hair follicles and the hair that grows out of them. Keeping follicles as healthy as possible ensures strong hair growth and strands.

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