5 Surprising Beauty Uses for our Natural Skin Gel

One gel to heal sunburns, bug bites, and more?

When ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel and vitamin E come to mind, the first thing you probably associate these wonderful ingredients with is their ability to soothe.

Aloe vera has long been a home remedy for everything from sunburns to bug bites, witch hazel is wonderful for soothing inflamed skin and vitamin E has incredible healing properties.

What you probably wouldn’t assume is that these ingredients offer some surprising beauty benefits too! That’s right, our famous skin gel can be used for a variety of beauty uses that will ensure this gel resides not only in your skin care cabinet, but your purse too!

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1. Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Dandruff Flakes

Surprising, right?

Our gel does not only have to be applied topically to the skin! With dandruff fighting ingredients like anti-fungal tea tree oil and hydrating vitamin E, it’s just begging to be applied as a scalp treatment. Dandruff is caused by an overproduction of skin cells. Tea tree gets right in there and kills the bacteria that causes this.

Tea tree oil will also help to remove excess oils whilst still helping to keep your hair hydrated, thus leaving your hair shiny and healthy. In conjunction with all our other soothing ingredients such as aloe, this scalp treatment should be enjoyed when you have some free time on your hands and you can truly put your feet up!

How to use our skin gel for dandruff:

We recommend that you massage our skin gel into your scalp and allow it to penetrate for at least 20 minutes or longer. If you like to wash your hair in the mornings simply massage it into your hair before you shower, allow to penetrate for at least 20 minutes, rinse it out and continue to wash your hair as normal.

Alternatively, you can apply our skin gel to your scalp at night and rinse it out in the morning for a more intensive treatment. Don’t be alarmed if your hair feels hard when it dries, this is completely normal!

Be sure to do this treatment on a daily basis for chronic conditions such as psoriases or once or twice a day for spouts of the condition.

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2. No More Razor Bumps

Ladies (and Gents), we’ve all been there. You finish shaving your legs (or face) and instead of the silky smooth finish you longed for, those unsightly little razor bumps decide to rear their ugly heads.

These bumps are not only embarrassing, but they hurt and itch too. Of course the more you scratch the more they itch!

That’s where our gel comes in. Tea tree oil, aloe and witch hazel are all common individual remedies to help alleviate symptoms, but when used together the results are pure magic!

Use our skin gel in place of regular shaving gel to prevent ingrowns as well as right after for a clean, soft finish. Follow up with an additional application before bed or the following morning, depending on how fast your grows.

You might think tea tree oil will burn (see TEA TREE OIL & ECZEMA: A MADE MATCH FOR YOUR SKIN), but in fact tea tree oil has incredible healing properties and will help to rid you of these bumps quickly. Aloe will soothe and aid in repairing the skin and witch hazel will make you go from ‘ouch’ to ‘ahh.’


3. Use as a Daily Moisturizer for Smooth, glowing and Younger looking Skin

Our gel is so versatile in that it can help someone with problem skin due to its powerful astringent and anti-bacterial properties as well as provide intensive moisturizing benefits for someone suffering from not only dry skin, but dehydrated skin too.

This is because it penetrates multiple layers of the skin, rather than just sitting on top of your skin. Vitamin E and Rosemary provide incredible antioxidant properties, which will help to fight off skin-damaging free radicals and promote collagen development, essential for a younger looking complexion.

To lock in the moisturizing effects add a drop of essential oil. Our favourite essential oil for youthful skin include rose and patchouli and for acne prone skin we recommend ylang-ylang.

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4. As a Natural Deodorant

You might have heard of the ingredient, Aluminum, present in most anti-perspirants on the market today. The scary thing about Aluminum is that there is research that has linked it to breast cancer.
Don’t worry! Just because you might need to chuck your chemical-laden anti-perspirant, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a natural alternative to keep you odour-free and fresh.

You guessed it, our Natural Skin Gel! Apply some under your arms to act as a natural anti-perspirant. With a combination of hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, the bacteria that contributes to odour will be destroyed. Because our gel is fast absorbing and non-greasy too, you will feel comfortable after applying and smell as fresh as a daisy all day, we promise!


5. Healthy Nails

Every good manicure requires a good foundation. No one wants a mani complete with rough, dry cuticles. Our gel not only provides intense hydration, leaving your cuticles looking beautiful, but the anti-fungal benefits can prevent and treat nail fungus too!

During your next DIY mani, simply apply our skin gel and allow it to soften your cuticles for 5 minutes before pushing back. Maintain soft, healthy cuticles by apply a bit of our skin gel to your cuticles every night before bed. This will keep them moisturized and healthy.

We hope you enjoyed learning just a few more ways you can use our versatile gel. If you have any beauty uses to add or want leave feedback, we always look forward to reading your comments!

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