5 Gifts Every Pet Deserves For The Holidays

  1. A Special Treat. Besides their family, there is probably nothing a pet loves more than food and treats. And as we dig into the chocolates, cookies, and cakes, our pets will be looking on in anticipation. Save them the torment, and reduce the risk of them helping themselves, by having some extra special treats on hand just for them. As always, moderation is key, especially if they aren’t used to getting many treats or have never tried the delicacies you picked up for them before.


Small orange kitten of the British breed, sits in a gift box with Christmas decoration


  1. A Chew Toy. It’s no secret dogs love to chew, but many people don’t realize that cats do as well. Save your shoes and other household items, and keep your pet safe by getting them a durable, specially designated chew toy. Chew toys help calm pets down, ease anxiety and provide ample play time.


  1. A Stimulating Toy. Dogs and cats are intelligent animals, and similar to children, if they get bored, they are likely to get into trouble. Many pets need both physical and mental stimulation, and luckily there are many such products available on the market. Kong is a popular and durable, toy that works double duty – chew and stimulation – and can be filled with peanut butter, treats, or anything else that your pet enjoys. It is then up to your pet to figure out how to get every last bit of food out. A simple web search of ‘stimulating toys for pets’ will bring up numerous other toys with varying levels of difficulty. These will surely give your pet hours of fun, stimulation, and best of all… treats!


Beautiful white dog posing with Christmas lights


  1. A New Collar and Tags. An older collar may be worn, dirty, and thus, uncomfortable. It also may not fit as well as it used to due to weight gain or loss. Additionally, tags can become scratched or faded. For your pet’s safety and comfort, updating collars and tags about once a year is a good idea.


  1. A security Blanket. There is nothing better than snuggling up in a nice, warm blanket over the cold winter months. And the thing is, most pets love to do this just as much as we do. Why not get them their very own? Be sure to wrap it around yourself first so that they have your sent, making it cozy and comforting.


Dog Jack Russell Terrier holiday, Christmas and New Year



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