5 Beverages that are Damaging Your Skin

In a previous post, we talked about the 10 Foods that are Damaging Your Skin. But those foods aren’t the only culprit. Here we’ve outlined how your beverage choice can be impacting your skin and overall appearance.

  1. Caffeine: As a diuretic, caffeine dehydrates you and your skin. It also increases your production of cortisol and when you have more cortisol than necessary, it accelerates the aging process and thins the skin.
  2. Alcohol: Another diuretic, the more you drink the more dehydrated you become. More than that, alcohol saps the natural moisture from your skin, making those fine lines and wrinkles stand out. It can also aggravate rosacea and replace a natural glow with a dull appearance.
  3. Sugary Drinks: We all know that fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar, or if you go for the diet kind, artificial sweeteners, both of which deplete collagen and elastin and lead to wrinkles. Although they seem like a healthier alternative, many juices contain just as much sugar as sodas or pops and lack the benefit of fiber that comes from actually eating the fruit.
  4. Milk: Milk is great for the bones and can do wonders for the skin…except for those who are prone to acne. This is because non-organic milk is full of hormones that can affect insulin levels, lead to inflammation and increase oil production – all of which lead to breakouts. Interestingly, skim milk is the worst culprit for aggravating acne while dairy based products such as yogurt show little correlation.
  5. Smoothies: North Americans consume nearly three times the amount of recommended sugar per day – and it isn’t coming from the sugar bowl. Most sugar consumption comes from hidden sources and smoothies is one of them. Promoted as a healthy snack or meal replacement and loaded with your daily dose of fruits and veggies, many store-bought or over-the-counter versions come loaded with extra sugar from the frozen yogurt, sherbet and juice used in their recipes. So if you want a truly healthy version that is good for your skin and body, make your own and monitor the ingredients. For some healthy smoothie recipes, check out our smoothie recipe page.
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