Pet Grooming

Natural Pet Detangler

Dogs with medium-to-long haired coats are prone to mats and tangles and this can make brushing their fur painful and frustrating for both them and you. That’s why we created Nature’s Aid Pets natural detangler, a unique blend of nourishing botanical that can be used regularly to eliminate tangles and mats, while working to prevent

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Natural Pet Conditioner

Nature’s Aid Pets natural conditioner is a unique blend of botanical that will add moisture and shine to your pet’s coat, detangling all fur and hair types for easy coat management, while leaving your pet smelling clean and fresh. Specially formulated with aloe and other skin soothing ingredients to nourish and relieve pets of dry,

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Natural Pet Shampoo

Baths seem to be a necessary evil for many pets and pet-parents but this doesn’t have to be the case. Nature’s Aid Pets natural shampoo is gentle on your pet’s skin as well as your own. Our unique blend of ingredients provide a rich natural lather that rinses off easily, leaving your pet’s coat shiny

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