Soothing Gel for Pets | with Lavender

All Natural Soothing Gel for Pets with Lavender and Oregano


Nature’s Aid soothing gel for pets is an all-purpose natural gel created to help treat a wide assortment of your pet’s skin conditions. Like our original gel, our soothing gel for pets is prepared using the highest quality, natural ingredients – including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel,  and Rosemary, but we removed the Tea Tree and replaced it with Lavender and Oregano instead.

Just like our oringial formual, this formula is specially blended to help heal your pets skin naturally, letting them get back to being your pet.

promotes healing

soothes swelling and itch from insect bites

relieves pain and swelling

treats burns and helps accelerates skin repair

eases arthritic or rheumatic pain

hydrates skin

reduces heat and inflammation

and so much more

Why we created tea tree free option?

Tea tree is a safe and well-tolerated ingredient for pets when applied in small concentrations, as found in our unique gel. However, we understand that some pets, particularly cats, may be extra sensitive to it and that some pet owners don’t want to take the chance of their pet having an adverse reaction. For this reason, we decided that even though the level of tea tree in Nature’s Aid falls below what is considered safe, it was important to offer an alternative. While the original Nature’s Aid Soothing Gel for All Pets will still be available, pet-parents looking to avoid this ingredient can do so with this new formulation.

Why Lavender and Oregeno Oil?

As one of the core ingredients, tea tree is an important contributor to Nature’s Aid skin gel’s overall effectiveness. Due to this, it was essential that we replaced the oil with alternatives that offered similar properties and wouldn’t compromise the gels’ quality. Combined, lavender and oregano oil present the antibacterial, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory and analgesic capabilities of tea tree; offering pets a new version of your favourite multi-purpose gel. Proven effective for ailments ranging from pain to infections, lavender oil has also shown great success in treating dermatophytes (superficial infections of the skin, hair, and nails) as well as various Candida species.

Oregano oil is a powerful antimicrobial that aides in fighting off infections and is also helpful in relieving insect bites, rashes and irritation from poison ivy. This oil has also been found to alleviate muscle and joint pain and can be used to control dandruff.

Fast absorbing formula, one product, so many uses… ideal for your pet


abscess acne candidiasis canine pyoderma cracked heels or paw  dermatitis hot spots greasy heel impetigo  intertrigo pustules pyoderma rain scald ringworm saddle sores sarcoids warts

First Aid

abrasions and cuts burns (mild to moderate) clipper burns frostbite girth galls insect bites & stings lacerations photosensitivity reactions pressure sores puncture wounds stop minor bleeding swelling & inflammation wounds welts


allergic skin reactions blanket rubs chafing chronic licking irritations cracked paw pads dry (sensitive) skin hives itching lesions nodules outer ear inflammation seborrhea tender knots


aches arthritis contusions (bruises) inflamed joints inflammation injection site reaction muscle pain neuralgia saddle sores sore teats sport injuries tendonitis


blemishes calluses coronet band (promotes growth) reduce / prevent proud flesh reduce / prevent scarring  scurf sebaceous cysts speeds scab formation tendon rubdown


  • Aloe Vera
  • Lavender Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Witch Hazel
  • Xanthan Gum